Advantages of IP Telephony System for Your Company

Still not sure what the advantages of having IP telephone system instead of traditional analog telephony? In this post we present you the main advantages of IP telephony for companies considering that it is a good option for any company. The Grandstream GXP1625 IP Phone is an excellent IP telephone system product.


  • Cost savings

When using the internet connection, we can distribute with extra lines that have a more cost per month. In addition, you can employ the Voice over IP operator that interests you most at any time, saving up to 90% of your telephone consumption.

  • Integration with the computer system

You can make and get calls from your computers. When you receive a call, the PC can issue the caller’s token itself.

  • Efficiency locating people

If a company has more than a few delegations or offices, anyone can call directly to another person without going through the central or carriers, knowing whether or not he’s in his post and if he does not like to be disturbed.

  • Facilitates telecommuting

Any staff member can use an IP phone anywhere linked with their internet. For the system it will be an extension as if it were located in the company.

  • Freedom in the choice of equipment

Unlike the hardware-based switches, it doesn’t require the use of phones or devices of a particular brand, thus having a much wider range of options. Only with the exception of SIP Proprietary telephones, this must be connected to exchanges of the same brand.

  • Use of existing equipment

If you need to, you can take benefit of the existing phones, although they do not offer the same features as the IP phones.

  • Ease of installation

A Windows server is installed and the entire system uses the existing network cable.