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Garage Door Safety Tips

As weird as it sounds, apparently garage door injures hundreds of people in a year. Some safety tips will help us to safeguard our family members from injuring themselves. Some safety tips every person should adopt to prevent their loved ones from hurting themselves are as follows.

Garage Door Repair Hubbard, Dundee

Safety Feature: This feature makes the garage door reverse back of they sense something in its way or if it touches any obstacle in its way. If this safety feature doesn’t work you can call in a garage door opener repair Hubbard to fix the problem.

Keep your fingers away: NEISS has reported that an average of 7500 injuries from getting caught between the door section each year. Every responsible adult should teach kids to stay away from the garage door while it closes.

No Riding: Every responsible adult should teach their kids that the garage door is not a toy, this means no riding the garage door while it goes up. It might seem to be a fun idea but its big no-no, as this might cause an injury to the child and damage the garage door cables and pulleys or garage door opener Dundee.

Hide the Garage Door remote From The Kids: The remote transmitter of garage door opener should be kept at top shelves away from the children’s reach.

Secret Passcodes: A lot of companies have launched a phone app to control the opening and closing of the garage door with a password. This ensures the safety of your family and makes it harder for burglars to break it into your house.

Force check: Push down the door when it is moving up or push-up the door when it is moving down, the door should stop with this action if it doesn’t you need adjust the force setting of the garage door.

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