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I Replaced My Garage Door Springs Myself and Saved a Bundle

My garage door was getting increasingly difficult to open over the past few months. I knew the springs were likely the culprit and dreaded the cost of hiring a pro to replace them. Then I found some how-to videos online and decided to try replacing the springs myself to save money. Here’s how it went.

The first step was getting the necessary parts – two new heavy-duty extension springs rated for my door’s weight. I measured to ensure I bought the right size. Next came disassembling the old springs, which was nerve-wracking work since springs under high tension can cause injury if they snap loose. I wore safety goggles and worked carefully to compress them enough to be removed one at a time.

Installing the new springs required winding them clockwise onto the shaft as I lifted the door steadily. This took some muscle but went much quicker than removing the old ones. I made sure to wind each spring the same number of turns to balance the door. Reattaching end brackets and hooks was straightforward with basic hand tools.

A test run of the freshly-sprung door showed immediate improvement – it rolled up smoothly with little effort. No longer did I dread entering the garage! The whole project took an afternoon but saved me around $250 in pro service fees. I felt quite proud performing the task myself.

However, I recognize garage door springs can be dangerous if not handled properly. The amount of potential energy stored in wound torsion springs is no joke. If any part of the process seemed risky, I would advise calling a certified technician. Reputable companies like Garage Door Spring Repair Carrollton have the special tools and training to complete the job safely.

Your garage door depends on properly functioning springs to roll up and down easily without straining the motor. Neglecting worn springs can leave your door damaged and stuck open or closed. Catching spring issues early prevents further problems down the road.

So in summary – garage door spring replacement is entirely do-able for a handy homeowner. Just be sure to take all necessary safety precautions. Watch instructional videos, wear protection, and take your time. Still unsure? Then hiring a pro is completely understandable given the risk of injury if something goes wrong. But with a little care and effort, you could save a wad of cash doing it yourself too!