KWIK Keyboard

KWIK Keyboard – The Ultimate Computer Keyboard for Optimum Typing Experience

Are you struggling with your typing speed? Looking for a keyboard that is easy to master? Look no further than KWIK Keyboard, a one-of-a-kind computer keyboard that is designed with modern day typing needs in mind to offer maximum efficiency and precision. What sets this apart from other keyboards in the market is that it has a unique arrangement of letters that is easy to understand and master. The team behind KWIK Keyboard is currently running a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter to back its production and promote sales. The keyboard is scheduled to be available to the public in June 2019.

KWIK Keyboard


The KWIK Keyboard is an ideal choice for both pros and novices. Due to its unique keyboard design and concept, it is gaining ground among tech enthusiasts. It’s expected to be priced at $44.95. If you or your colleague is having trouble increasing their typing speed, the KWIK keyboard can be the best option.

Here’s what the team behind KWIK Keyboard says about its all-new keyboard concept:

‘’When you place your hands on the KWIK Keyboard with wrists straight, your index fingers create an angle of approximately 60 degrees. Therefore, the KWIK Keyboard has a left-hand section and a right-hand section 60 degrees from each other. Fingers naturally diverge at angles of approximately 4 degrees from each other. Therefore, the columns of keys diverge 4 degrees from each other. This arrangement reduces fatigue and reduces contributors to carpal tunnel syndrome.’’

KWIK Keyboard 2

If you like the KWIK Keyboard idea, be sure to support them on Kickstarter to help make it a reality.

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