4 Packaging Design Tips for a New Product
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4 Packaging Design Tips for a New Product

Developing a new product is always a big challenge involving strategic planning, setting a target audience and countless other details.

It is important that you keep in mind that it is packaging design (ออกแบบบรรจุภัณฑ์, which is the term in Thai) professional service who will introduce your product to the general public and that will create a good fundamental impression for success.

4 Packaging Design Tips for a New Product

See, in today’s post, 4 practical tips for creating flawless packaging design!

1 – Invest in packaging design

First of all, its packaging has to draw attention among numerous competitors in the gondolas and supermarket stands. To do this, invest in a simple, minimalist aesthetic with personality. Explore the contrast between the background and the text information, and insert a few elements with large dimensions.

2 – Ensure functionality in packaging design

As one of the great rules of design says, form follows function. The most important thing is to ensure that the packaging serves the purpose of protecting and enabling the use of the product effectively. Examples are milk carton lids and “easy-open” systems. A useful package greatly improves the customer experience.

3 – Know how to make use of different materials

Knowing which material to choose from among the supply and almost infinite variety available is an essential point in the design of your packaging. Several factors have to be considered: the product that will be packaged, the public to be reached and the positioning of the brand in the market, among others.

4 – Make a connection between packaging and product

The packaging of your product does not have to be bureaucratic and simple as well. Consider investing in the history and a cultural characteristic of what is being packaged, bringing a connection between packaging and product, or even inspiring affective associations in the consuming public.