Pink Lilium

What Is a Pink Lily Called?

The lily flower of the Lilium genus has a trumpet form and is available in a variety of hues, including pink, orange, yellow, and white. True lilies are distinguished by their leafy stems, scaly bulbs, thin leaves, and single or clustered blooms. The flower’s stalks may be anywhere from 2 to 6 feet long. Lilies, which are grown from bulbs, are perennial flowers that come back year after year and require little maintenance if planted correctly. Lilies are beautiful plants, many are regarded as decorative and potted plants, and they have also been significantly hybridized. Lilies are also amazing as cut flowers, they work well in flower arrangements and bouquets. Lilies can be bought from local florists, grocery stores, or through services like flower delivery Singapore.

Pink Lilium

There are an estimated 80-100 species of lilies that are native to different parts of the world. However, the lily is most often found in temperate climates in the northern hemisphere, such as Asia, Europe, and North America. The lily was once exclusively found in woods, meadows, marshes, and mountains. However, it can now be grown from a bulb virtually anywhere with the appropriate weather.

  1. Pink Lilies

Lilies are a versatile, classic flower that comes in a range of colours. Diverse colours and varieties of lilies have different cultural connotations all around the world. These lovely flowers are ideal for an anniversary gift, as well as being presented or displayed at funerals or to express condolences. Not only that, but bright lilies are a lovely way to commemorate a special occasion like a graduation, job promotion, or the purchase of a new house. Lilies are often associated with purity, passion, rebirth, and monarchy. However, depending on the colour and the event, these connotations might shift.

Pink lilies, in particular, are symbolic of love, adoration, compassion, femininity, and understanding. When you want to express your affection to your mother, aunt, or sister, use beautiful pink lilies. Lilies in multiple shades of pink are also appropriate for a significant other. On a date or on an anniversary, bring a beautiful lily bouquet to surprise your partner.

Pink Lily Varieties

  1. Pink Lily Varieties 

It is crucial to understand that botanists divide these beautiful bulbs into nine divisions depending on their genetics and hybridization histories. Professional horticulturists and home gardeners both benefit from categorizing this huge family of plants in this way because it helps them understand what a specific variety of lily looks like when it blooms, and what circumstances it thrives in. There are several subdivisions within each of these nine categories. Within each division or subdivision, there are dozens of distinct lily types. Numerous plants are having the word lily in their name, however, most are not true lilies. They may be simply referred to as lilies due to their similarity, but they belong to other genera. The daylily, or Hemerocallis, and other Amaryllidaceae species are among them. True lilies are members of the Lilium genus and grow from onion-like bulbs. The following are some true lily and other lily varieties that come in multiple shades of pink.

Pink Rain Lily

  1. Pink Rain Lily

Pink rain lily, or Zephyranthes Rosea, belongs to the genus Zephyranthes from the Amaryllidaceae family. The flower, also known as rosy rain lily, is a rain lily species endemic to Peru and Colombia. They’re extensively grown as ornamentals and have gone naturalized in tropical areas all over the world. Rain lilies are noted for blossoming exclusively after heavy rains, as are all rain lilies.

Zephyranthes Rosea is a tiny plant that grows only 15 to 20 cm tall. From spherical tunicate bulbs about 1.5 to 2.5 cm in diameter, they produce five to six thin and flattened dark green linear leaves that are around 3 to 4 mm broad. Because they softly naturalize and weave among established plants, these tiny charmers are ideal for filling in empty garden spaces.

Oriental Lily

  1. Oriental Lily

The variety of lily that also comes in pink is oriental lily. They also come in other shades of colours, including purplish red, white, and creamy yellow. Some kinds have speckled and recurving petals, whereas others do not. Oriental lilies are among the most fragrant of all the lilies. The blooms’ fragrant aroma is especially noticeable in the evening. Oriental lilies have wider leaves than other lily types, and their foliage and blooms are resistant to deer and rabbits. Oriental lilies also generate a lot of heavy pollen in their anthers. The blossoms of Oriental lilies are as huge as a dessert plate, and each stalk has numerous buds.

A particular example of a lily from the oriental group that comes in a vivid pink hue is the Stargazer lily. The Stargazer lily, often known as Lilium Stargazer, is an Oriental hybrid lily. Oriental lilies bloom in the middle to late summer and are noted for their sweet scent. Stargazers are simple to cultivate and thrive in direct sunshine. They grow quickly and should be grown in full sun in well-drained loamy or sandy soil. Stargazers may reach a height of 36 inches and a spread of 10 to 14 inches when fully mature, with 2 to 8 blooms per stem.