ADZbuzz uBlock Is What Every User, Publisher & Advertiser Needs

ADZbuzz uBlock is world’s first 100% free ad blocking extension that benefits everyone involved, be it a user, advertiser or even a publisher. It blocks all the ads and replaces the ad-supported web with a centralized advertising platform, where people can go when they’re ready to make some purchases.


If you’re a normal user wanting to enjoy a complete ad-free browsing experience, ADZbuzz uBlock does a great job you can’t find with any other available adblocker. For bloggers and publishers who’re looking for a viable solution to block visitors who have adblocker installed on their browser without losing their potential visitors, ADZbuzz uBlock is the right solution that’s acceptable for everyone.

Blocking visitors who have adblocker installed isn’t a good and long-term business practice, instead you may lose your potential visitors. To help everyone involved, ADSbuzz uBlock finally introduces a solution that no one can resist. It’s the first adblocker in the world that directly pays publishers from the income generated by a Centralized Advertising Platform.

Advertising is what makes the web free, and no one can better understand this than the niche publisher. Every website needs revenue for creating high-quality content and maintaining the website. Adblockers are what that reduce this revenue, ultimately affecting publishers and advertisers. In 2015 alone, Ad blocking cost bloggers and publishers over 22bilion dollars and this number is getting higher as more users use adblockers.

ADZbuzz uBlock is designed with present-day needs in mind to make sure nobody is affected with ad blocking, be it a user, publisher or advertiser. This unique idea is getting quite popular as it benefits everyone involved.

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