AirCanditioner: Personal Cooling Device and Drink Insulator

Sweaty face and neck on a hot summer day is a no-no, specially when you are picnicking with your friends and family. To keep you cool, fresh and sweat-free, the AirCanditioner comes in handy. The AirCanditioner has the ability to capture energy internally and then use it for cooling the ambient air. Then, a powerful fan directs the cool air towards the desired direction. The fan does at a high velocity making the person feel cool. This genius device keeps you cool and also keeps your drink cool at the same time. the AirCanditioner is super awesome because you can enjoy your food with one hand while with the other, you can blast your face with cool air and also enjoy a cool drink.


This device provides you with personal cooling and it is also a beverage insulator. Have you ever a put a cold can to your face to get coolness? Well, this personal cooling device is an advanced version of the little silly act. You can actually get coolness with the help of the AirCanditioner.


In the scorching heat, imagine taking a sip of your cold drink and also getting a blast of cool air on your face. Sounds so amazing and refreshing right? well, it certainly is possible with this device.

This device is made for the people who stay outdoors in the summers and also go to picnics and barbecues. You never know when a cloudy day turns into a very hot summer day, so to ensure that you remain cool and sweat-free, AirCanditioner takes the responsibility.


This device is perfect because it holds your drink as a koozie, you don’t have to get your hands wet with the little water on the outside of the can. You are also able to get splashes of air on your face and the best part; you can do all this only with hand. You can have food with the other hand or you can even scroll your phone. Having a drink, keeping yourself cool, scrolling your phone and also being able to eat food with only two hands is a lot of work.


The working of this device is through the drawing of the hot air through the bottom of the device, as the hot air travels through the spiral channel, it is cooled around the pre-cooled gel unit. The cooled air is then expelled out of the top of the device. However, the design is still patent-pending. So basically, the hot air goes in and it is cooled with the help of the internally stored energy, and then it is expelled it out cold.


The process that you have to follow to make this device work is:

  1. Charge the bottom: The bottom of the device has to be separately charged so make sure that you charge it to make the device work.
  2. Chill the top: To make sure that the energy is internally stored, you have to make sure that the top of the device is chilled.
  3. Connection of the two components: To make the device work efficiently, the two pieces or components must be put together.
  4. Switch on: Lastly, after connecting the two components, you are ready to turn the switch on.

The electronic features of this cooling device include the rechargeable battery, High RPM/low current motor, circuit board and impeller blade design. All of these advanced and efficient components combine together to form the advanced yet modern device known as the AirCanditioner which not only keeps your drink cool but also keeps you cool and sweat-free.


The prototype of this device was created by two friends known as Mike Torilli and Tim Downing. They came up with the idea of creating something which has multiple practical functions. The end product took the form of AirCanditioner and it is a success.

So, no matter what the size of the can is, you can stick it into the AirCanditioner and it will be able to provide you with a chill drink and will blast you with chilly air. No more making ugly faces with the discomfort of the hot sun, because you can smile with the blasts of air coming out of the device.

For More Detail Visit now: AirCandtioner uses internally-stored coldness to actively cool ambient air and direct it towards the user at high velocity