Buy Kat Walk Mini – The One-of-a-Kind Omni-Directional Treadmill that Provides You with a Stunning VR Experience

Are you looking for a cutting-edge technology that can take your VR experience to a new level? Look no further than Kat Walk Mini, the ultimate Omni-Directional Treadmill designed and marketed by Kat VR. Ideal for arcades and home use, Kat Walk Mini employs the latest technology to provide you with an all-inclusive, innovative virtual reality experience you can’t get with any other machine available in the market. Its open platform SDK allows developers to test and integrate their own games, educational explorations, training simulations and other VR applications. It has everything to cater to your VR gaming needs.


Users can jump, run, strafe, crouch, and even sit in multiple positions on the treadmill. It provides the most realist and natural walking experience. It’s smaller and lighter, and works best with all major HMDs. It also has an option to sync with your friends for fully immersive group battles. Touted as the ‘‘World’s Leading VR ODT’’, Kat Walk Mini is a complete package and designed with modern-day gaming requirements in mind. It’s an ideal choice for a natural walking experience.

When it comes to compatibility, the machine is fully compatible with all major VR platforms, headsets, and VR games supporting Free Locomotion. It comes in a lighter and smaller design that can fit in even the smallest spaces. Twisted Reality is the single official source for buying Kat Walk Mini in the USA. It’s available worldwide for both personal and commercial use. Twisted Reality site ranks high on the Google with following search queries or keywords: Kat Walk Mini Store US, KAT VR Distributor US, Ready Player One Omni Directional Treadmill, Omni Directional Treadmill and more.

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Unlike other Omni-Directional Treadmills available in the market, Kat Walk Mini requires no special harness. So it’s no wrong saying that it’s one of the most easy-to-use treadmills in the market. The design of Kat Walk Mini is super lightweight and unrestrictive that allows you to perform a number of actions, including run, walk, sprint, crouch, backwards or even get down to collect rewards or pick up objects.

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If you or your friend is searching for something cutting-edge to take your VR gaming to the new heights, be sure to give Kat Walk Mini a shot. It’s a complete package for everyone in your family, be it your kids or adults. The team at KATVR is very friendly and dedicated; they listen to your problems and questions very gently and patiently without getting weird. If you want to know more about how Kat Walk Mini and what you need to wear prior to using this machine, be sure to visit their site online. It’s key highlights include: accurate foot location tracking, much lower delay, independent head and body tracking, no maintenance, no matching, no set-up, no charging and more.

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