Best Android Apps for Businessman – Making your Professional Life Easy

The truth is Android has been moving in a more business-ready direction. Although tales of viruses can always spook some system facilitators, the realistic threats related to those scares are almost always nonexistent-and Google has increasingly wised up about providing multiple layers and paths of protection.

Let’s dive directly into it, shall we? Think about the easily available apps from all of these core classes and no matter whether they’d make an enough starter pack for your company’s cell technical requirements:


File management

Enterprises relying on your fog up for document transfers or even storage space have ample selections for Android-toting users to cope with data on the run. Microsoft’s OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox pretty much all offer Android os programs for posting, downloading, and influencing or perhaps revealing data files from smartphones as well as other mobile phones.

Device security

Some robust protection defenses are usually baked into Android alone at the system level these days. However, enterprises may want to encourage users to benefit from a few additional tools that can boost the caliber of protection around balances and also devices.

Business management

An industry-specific business keeper like Salesforce and Workday exist in the Google Play Store, as are broader project management tools like Trello and the enterprise-friendly Basecamp.

The office suite

You can’t have a work-ready cell phone without a decent office suite, and the days, Android has solid options to choose from. Microsoft itself might be embarrassingly delayed towards the celebration, but its fully highlighted Phrase, Excel, and Power point apps for Android finally arrived for all units last summertime and are quite good, specifically for businesses invested in Microsoft’s system.

Schedule Maker

Instead of starting an email or perhaps text message chain in which everyone throws out their free time and unavailabilities willy-nilly, you can use Doodle to make everyone mark up a shared calendar. This way, it’s simple to see when everyone can fulfill.

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