Password Safety: How to Store Your Passwords on Android?

If you’re still using the same passwords for everything, writing them down on sticky notes, or keeping them in a text file on your desktop, it’s time to change your ways.


Storing all of your passwords in a secure password manager is the best way to ensure they’re safe and accessible. However, not all password managers are equal. Some are designed to work with Web browsers only, while others can also work with mobile devices running Android or iOS. These programs keep all of your passwords in a secure database, encrypted with a master password that you create, and they can automatically log you into websites and apps.

Always prefer a password manager for android that supports two-factor authentication and employs robust encryption protocols. Two-factor authentication requires you to enter the second piece of information — usually a code sent to your email address or phone via text message to avoid unauthorized attempts.

A strong password is equally important as using a password manager. The longer your password is — and the more complex it is with numbers, symbols, and both upper- and lowercase letters — the better protected you’ll be from hackers who could get into your accounts if they access one of your devices. Use a different password for each account you sign into as well.

Is it Safe to Use a Password Manager on Android?

The simple answer is Yes! Using a password manager on your Android device is safe. However, there are some things that you should keep in mind to ensure the best security.

One of those things is to make sure that your Android device has a strong lock screen PIN or pattern. This will prevent hackers from accessing your device if they get a hold of it. Another thing you can do is avoid allowing apps from unknown sources to be installed on your device. If you do allow installation from unknown sources, then install the password manager app directly from the developer’s website and not from a third party’s app store. The developer website is going to be a trusted source.