Cineguide – The Ultimate Platform for Both Film Producers and Their Audience

Cineguide is a one-of-a-kind platform designed especially for film producers who want to promote their Canadian show in Augmented Reality all over the Canada. Due to its unique concept, Cineguide is gaining ground among Canadian producers and their audience. The platform allows you to turn your mobile device to a window into your media. The team behind Cineguide is very committed to transforming the way Canadian TV and film are interacted with. The platform is available for both iOS and Android users.  

Cineguide - Mobile Augmented Reality App

With this platform, Canadian film producers and networks can display their shows and stories all over the Canada using GPS technology. Users can interact with geotagged GPS locations throughout Canada where TV/film projects may have been geo-graphically located or recorded. Cineguide Mobile AR application is expected to launch this week.

The content types that are featured in Cineguide include: behind the scenes videos, special access to watch the show, alternate endings, making of, in-widget featuring show content, trailers, share content with friends, rewards, deleted scenes, fun facts, Augmented Realty (AR) scenes, and more.

Cineguide - Mobile Augmented Reality Application

The Cineguide mobile app comes with two modes: Nomad Mode and Nearby Mode. In Nomad Mode, users can place their content on GPS-enabled Cineguide map, where travellers and fans can turn their smartphone to an AR window to explore and interact with your content or show in the location it happened. Your audience can interact exclusively with your content in the GPS zones you select.

In Nearby Mode, you content/show will appear in a filter friendly nearby proximit, and your fans will be available to explore your content in Augmented Reality at home. Audience can narrow down different Canadian titles by their genre to get more relevant results.

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