Everything You Need to Know About Tranxition Migration Solutions

The Tranxition migration solution was designed specifically for channel players. It enables easy profile transfers that actually reduce cost and increase the profitability of migration projects. The feedback about the product is that it cuts more than forty-five minutes of migration time per device. If that is scaled over hundreds or thousands of seats, there is real improvement in margin.

The most advanced IT Services firms recognize that commercial grade tools can make a large difference. Most advanced IT Services firms are steadily moving away from mostly unsupported and expensive “no-cost” tools. Tranxition Migration Manager is superior in cost effectiveness and in reliability to other persona migration products. Persona migration is the most expensive element of migration project services and it can mean the difference between being a profit center or a loss. Migration Manager is more than just a utility and can be the difference between a project that costs you money and one that saves you money. This can be “Secret Weapon” for profile migration, winning competitive RRPs and getting selected on more projects.


Some of the use cases:

Capturing and transforming user profiles migrating printer identities
Restoring recently-used-documents lists while transferring GB worth of files
Supporting domain change projects
Handling Microsoft Office upgrades while upgrading to Windows 10
Mixed versions of Windows and Office, one process for all.
Integrating with SCCM
Replacing USMT and other competitors
Integrating with KACE, Ivanti, and other system management platforms,

The design has smaller scripts, real-time discovery and it reorganizes user data locations during the migration. Full user interface or zero-touch mode.

Tranxiition’s Migration Manager is used by the largest aerospace companies, international banks, governments, research labs, and law firms.

Get more done in a few minutes with Tranxition Migration Manager than in weeks with other products. It accurately and reliably captures most user profile settings, personalizations; and it searches the drive for documents so they are not left behind. It automatically supports multiple-versions of Windows, Outlook, Office, Adobe, and browser products.You can extend it to cover your apps. It can change domains and workgroups on the fly.

Tranxition supports any modern version of Windows and Office and certain application migration cross-version (i.e. Acrobat 9-Acrobat 10), and 10,000+ possible profile settings.

Your users won’t likely know you transitioned them. TMM causes no problems. It only solves them.

You can download the trial version without obligation which contains 10 seats.  Migration Manager is the product you need for transforming the user profile data while it migrates them in order that users consistently have a system that’s ready and functions.