Applications – A Completely Decentralize App Allowing You to Post and View Messages

Having problem finding the right decentralized app that provides you with an opportunity to view and post messages? Look no further than, a decentralized app requiring you to be connected to ropsten test network or Ethereum mainnet to post and view massages.


All you need to use this decentralized app is MetaMask plugin, which you can add to your Google Chrome to get things started. There’re also other plugins such as Parity and Mist browsers that can also be used for the proper functioning of this dApp. relies fully on Ethereum Virtual Machine or Ethereum blockchain to retrieve and store messages, meaning the messages are stored permanently among other loads of nodes in Ethereum Virtual Machine. Users can retrieve and submit their messages whenever they want, there’s not any possible downtime or outage that might irritate you.

To use Crypto Speech, you’ll need to configure your browser to interact wiht dApps. It’s very easy and simple as anyone with little tech know how can comprehend the whole idea. MetaMask plugin plays a key role in making it super simple and easier.

Here’s what the team behind has to say about its services:

‘’Decentralized, Twitter-style messages stored for eternity — unlike ordinary websites that store data on a central server, relies purely on the Ethereum blockchain, or Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to store and retrieve messages. This means that messages (along with the time they took place and the user that submitted them) are stored forever among all the thousands of nodes in the EVM. ‘’

If you want to post your messages, you’ll need some ether to pay the nodes in Ethereum Virtual Machine for mining and processing transactions. There’re numerous exchanges through which you can purchase ether and deposit money. To post a message, you’ll need MetaMask plugin and a bit of ether in your account.

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