IT budget management

How to Optimize IT Costs?

A cost-effective approach to business is the key to quick success. Whether companies adopt a cloud-based strategy or a hybrid approach, they are eager to move their systems, platforms and applications to the cloud to start enjoying impressive savings. There are many levers that enable an organization to optimize IT support costs. Knowing them works in our favor and brings amazing results, and that includes cost optimization.

IT budget management

IT Cost Optimisation services – how does it work?

The first task an Atech takes on is to assess what you are paying for, show you a detailed breakdown and explain what it all means – and if you are losing money, we will tell you what you need to do to stop the bleeding and regain control. IT budget management is extremely important and useful, in terms of economic management of the company. Your technology plan for overall business goals. IT is the driving force behind your business plan.

Have visibility into all operations

How can you optimize your IT infrastructure? Optimizing IT service costs requires visibility into all the different components involved in service delivery! Remember to only pay for what you need you should have your needs constantly monitored. Our Budget Strategy shows projected and actual savings with a return on investment calculator. Work with finance directors and finance staff to link general ledger entries. This visibility into enterprise IT spending enables business value delivery and cost optimization through IT services.

Effective strategies to optimize costs

Choosing the cloud offers a wide range of options, from infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to software as a service (SaaS). Over time, companies that have chosen cloud services for reasons other than savings are positively surprised at the reduction in expenses. Use tight cloud management to achieve savings, or risk increased infrastructure and application costs if management is poor. Atech can help you create a technology improvement roadmap and then help you continuously optimize it – for one of our clients, this optimization process yielded a 1638% ROI over 3 years.

Workforce optimization as a way to increase savings

Deploy bots to increase employee capabilities and provide a more productive work environment. The resource planning that the cloud enables will come in handy, also in this regard. Use the features of workforce management apps such as automating the manager experience or virtual assistants etc.

Manage your resources wisely

It is very common to see CIOs disregarding their resources. Resource Management Informatics. Often executives overlook resource management opportunities, and this oversight leads to increased IT operating costs. Shift IT asset management (ITAM) responsibility from “tracking” individual assets to corporate governance. Evaluating ITAM practices can result in savings of 10% to 20%. The best way to optimize IT costs is to focus on activities that provide the best and fastest return on investment.