EYEONPOLICE – APP to End Police Brutality, Anti-Black Racism



Despite the police reforms that have been instituted over the years to bring to an end police brutality, we don’t seem to be making much progress. This issue continues to linger in our communities, and it’s costing us lives. The death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many other people in the recent past in the hands of police officers in Minneapolis is proof enough that police brutality exists in our communities. Like any other social ills affecting our societies, it’s our duty to fight against police brutality in an effective manner. We can stop police brutality by holding our police officers accountable for their actions. That’s why a group of people has developed an app known as EYEONPOLICE to help communities fight police brutality using technology and social media. 


The EYEONPOLICE APP lets people directly report good and bad police on their phones as a way to hold them accountable. Instead of using violence or protests which have shown to bring about adverse effects on our communities, this app uses technology and social media to break the cycle of police violence and anti-black racism. The developers of the EYEONPOLICE APP sought to come up with a simple and non-violent way to build trust with the public and the police department.  


The EYEONPOLICE APP works in a similar way to the many review platforms that allow customers to give their honest opinions about their experiences. This app lets the public review police officers based on their actions. The public will be able to give good reviews to police officers who conduct themselves appropriately and give bad reviews to police officers who exhibit misconduct. These reviews will help police departments to take the appropriate actions against police officers based on the reviews they get. A police officer who gets good reviews will be reviewed as a valuable asset to the police force, while those who receive bad reviews from numerous different people will be counseled to ensure they don’t harm the public. 


This app will certainly be the answer to ending police brutality as it is the first app that seeks to break the cycle of police brutality. Unlike going to the physical location of a police post to file a complaint against a police officer, this app makes things much easier. Since the majority of the people are connected to technology and social media, this app will become very effective in giving people a voice in holding the police force accountable. The app makes it easier for people to give their reviews based on their experiences with police officers. Moreover, the reviews will be archived for the public to see; hence the police will know they are being monitored and will be held accountable for their conduct. Using this app, police departments and city officials will be able to identify good cops and reward them. 


Overall, the EYEONPOLICE APP is a simple warning detection system that can help to identify good and bad cops. With this app, we can significantly reduce cases of police brutality and get rid of it altogether. 

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