garage door spring repair Richmond
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Frustrated By A Garage Door That Won’t Open? It Could Be The Springs

Nothing is more irritating than a garage door that refuses to budge when you need to leave or brings packages inside. If your door in Richmond has started acting up, not opening or closing fully, the culprit is likely worn out springs. As the components that lift most garage doors, springs endure tremendous tension with each cycle. Over time and thousands of uses, they inevitably fatigue to the point repair is needed. Learning the signs that it’s time to service or replace your springs can save headaches down the road.

garage door spring repair Richmond

Stalling, Binding or Off-Balance If your door is struggling to open fully, binding and sticking halfway, or not staying in the open position, worn springs may be to blame. Without the balanced lifting power they provide, the door won’t operate smoothly. You may also notice it opening or closing crookedly to one side.

Loud Noises during Operation
Do you hear loud squeaking, creaking or banging coming from the door area that wasn’t there before? This is a tell-tale sign the springs are corroded and moving parts need lubrication or replacement. The noise will only get worse if not addressed.

Springs at End of Their Lifespan Most garage door springs are rated to last 10,000-15,000 open/close cycles on average. So if yours are a decade old or more, it’s safe to assume they’re nearing the end of their usable life. Plan to have them inspected.

In summary, garage door springs work tirelessly but have limits. Don’t ignore issues like sticking or noises, which could lead to more serious problems or safety risks down the road. Contact a local pro right away for an inspection if your door won’t open properly. They can efficiently service or swap out the springs to restore smooth operation.


How can I tell if springs need replacing?

Watch for signs like off-balance movement, binding, and loud noises during operation. Also check for broken or misshapen coils which indicate failure is imminent. A pro can inspect and advise.

What is involved in replacing springs?

A technician will remove the old springs and install new matching ones sized for your door. Expect the process to take 1-2 hours including safety precautions like securing the door in place first.