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3 Reasons why you are not Getting Enough Likes on Facebook

As the number of users on Facebook is rapidly increasing, so is the number of Facebook pages. Millions of small businesses use the platform to promote their brand and connect with their fans. As a result, it is becoming difficult to attract users to like your page instead of your competitor’s. You can Buy Real Facebook Likes to get a huge number of followers instantly or put some efforts in your marketing strategies. Here are some of the common things most marketers do; by avoiding these you can improve your chances of getting more likes.

Not Posting Good Content

If you keep posting the same type of content every week, your fans will get bored and may end up unliking your page. Use a variety of content like blog posts, pictures from your events, share updates and improvements related to your business, and tutorial videos. What Facebook audience looks for is inspiration, insight and humorous and interesting information. Whether you are a small business or a brand, think about the stuff that your audience would like to see. Make sure your posts are not only promotional.

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Not Engaging with Fans

One of the primary purposes of your Facebook page should be to engage with the people who love your services and products. Thanks to social media networks, your audience expects to be responded immediately. According to the research by Convince and Convert, 42% of the users expect to get a response within an hour. Always answer to customer queries and respond to the comments on your Facebook page. If you do not have the answer right away, you can tell the user you are looking into the situation. Staying active on the page will help in building strong relationships with fans. Other ways to make your customers feel appreciated is to give them spotlight; you can announce fan of the week, use fan’s feedback for your next product or share content posted by them on your page.

Not Offering Incentives

The audience needs a reason why they should like your page and not your competitor’s. You should offer your fans some incentive to follow your brand. Exclusive sales and coupon codes are a great idea. Moreover, contests not only have a value but also force users to make some effort to get the prize. Running contests will also increase audience engagement.