Healing with Sound and Color, How Does it Work?

Human organism can be considered, structurally, as a set of resonant mechanical parts or elements. The condition of resonance or maximum vibration is given by each organ or part of the body according to its specific shape, size and constitution, i.e. according to its morphology and histology. It is an easily verifiable physical phenomenon that, through the application of a suitable stimulus and the concordant frequency, one can obtain the singular resonance of an organ. By the application of successive or contemporaneous stimuli one can, with the same criterion, establish in the mode that interests and in the order that the resonance of different parts agrees. Such resonance will always be obtained on the basis of the necessary stimulating elements, operating with the appropriate intensity, frequency, phase or sequence.


Before going into more detail about the correlations between the etheric vortices of the human body and the sounds and colors, it is convenient to make a quick recapitulation of what has already been said in the preceding Scriptures concerning this same etheric body, analyzed through extrasensory perception.

Correlations between sounds, colors and the chakras

Previously, and as important detail, it is clarified that within the ether different degrees of intensity are observed, that is, relative densities, as in any other state of matter.

As far as the etheric human body is concerned, it is composed of four layers of distinct density. However, even the densest of these layers is subtler than the ether by which the energetic varieties of light, heat and radio waves propagate.

In the zones of relative maxima of activity within the etheric body, energy centers or locations in the form of vortices are observed, which correspond with the above mentioned relative maxima for the organism. In a way, the vortices would be the etheric organs of the human being.

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