How Much Does it Cost to Install a Brand New Garage Door?
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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Brand New Garage Door?

Your garage door is broken, and you’re looking to install a new one? If the repair cost of your broken garage door is 50% of the new garage door, we strongly suggest going with a garage door replacement, as it’s the best thing you can do regarding your garage door.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Brand New Garage Door?

On average, garage door installation costs anywhere between $750 and $1,491. This includes everything from the labor to door cost. However, the amount may vary for high-end models. Consulting with a professional and experienced garage door repair company may be of help in helping choose the right garage door model based on your requirements.

KARLO Garage Doors and Gates is the leading name for the repair, installation and replacement of broken garage doors in California and its vicinities. They have been in this field for decades and understand how to get your faulty garage door moving again in less than no time. They are well equipped to handle any type of garage door repair work such as garage door installation San Francisco, garage door opener repair, garage door spring replacement Sacramento, etc.

Here’s what they say about their services:

‘’We pride ourselves on being the most reliable and economical garage door service provider in California. Unlike our competitors, we charge comparatively low rates to our clients, as we think everyone deserves the top-rated garage door service. Sometimes the issue isn’t with your garage door, but with the opener. Our technicians will carefully assess your garage door to reach the exact root cause of the problem. All of our garage door staff is experienced and certified, and you can fully count on our service. The vast majority of our old customers are saying amazing and satisfying things about our services and the feel no hesitation in suggesting our garage door service to anyone in search of fully licensed garage door contractor.’’

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