Puzzle Games That Are Good For Mind Exercise

If you are in love with gaming activities that are designed just for you here are some of the great games to follow. They were developed as part of a brain-boosting lifestyle program called the Brainpower Game Plan by Cynthia Green, PhD, an assistant clinical professor in the department of psychiatry at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and founder of its renowned Memory Enhancement Program.


In just 7 words

This game helps you to know your creativity credibility by taking verbal challenges. You can write a short story about what you want to know this will be only seven words to tell your tale. There’s a great bonus features that will boost your Twitter and Facebook storytelling skills and help you to get popular on the social media networks.

Opposite day

Build a new connection between in your mind by putting your no dominant hand into action. If you’re right , use your left hand to perform daily tasks such as brushing your teeth, combing your hair, and eating. Even try to write with your other hand, too. Does using your no dominant hand become any easier over the course of the day?

Find it

This teaser will help hone your visual searching skills. The table features many different symbols. You will have only 30 seconds for each symbol, count the number of times for each of the three at the top appear in the table.

Project notes

Get in the habit of taking notes whenever you receive critical information, such as from a doctor or lawyer, or in any circumstance that may cause stress and anxiety—which can cloud your memory. Note taking is always a good idea on the job, too. Try this: staple several sheets of blank paper to the inside of a project folder and use them to take notes during meetings to produce a clear record of what you discussed.

Get the Picture

Give your visual care to the workout. Just take a look at the photo a minute. Then minimize your web browser and write down as many of the items in the photo as you can remember. Try a second time, but before you start, take a deep breath and actively focus on the photo. Did you do any better the second time?

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