MPOW X4.0 Over Ear Wireless

Reduce Noise with Your Headset, Tips, Productivity and Focus up to 4x!

There are a number of issues about “noise canceling” with equipment, modern gadgets, but I discovered that you can simply generate a small simulation using your headset and listening to a particular frequency can reduce noise in your environment.

All information posted here is intended to help you protect your hearing. It’s not about defending a style of music because each one has their own, it’s about bringing information that has been scientifically proven and used in existing applications, and also from my experience using and testing a number of these applications. With this analysis I was able to increase focus and productivity with just a few tips. The theme does not end here, as it can be modified with the entry of new technologies.

MPOW X4.0 Over Ear Wireless

Noise and how to protect yourself

Those who live in the big cities know very well the discomfort of constant aircraft noises, subway brakes inside the tunnel, loud vehicle sounds, loud people, washing machine or air conditioner noise, workplace noise, neighborhood noisy, etc.

Very well, noise is a frequency that can be high, low, repetitive sounds, others can simply call noise but that can disturb your productivity during the day and night.

Know the noises around you

Go to your smartphone’s app store and look for Decibel, install free apps of your choice and then take the measurement, you’ll be amazed at the amount of noise in your environment.

Regain your energies

We all need sleep because it is during sleep that the body recovers energy, optimizes metabolism and regulates the function of hormones. Each has the sleep regeneration cycle that needs to be respected and if this is interrupted you will be very sleepy during the day and your productivity will be compromised.

Technology can help reduce some noise

You can find the famous noise canceling headphones on the internet. They are smart headphones that can transmit a frequency, similar to soften the external noise, see some examples:

MPOW X4.0 ANC Headphone (, (