Stealth Case

Stealth Case

Ever thought out being watched or being tracked? Sounds so scary right? Well, our phones consist of two cameras and microphones which enables them to be the ultimate surveillance device. In order to prevent your phones from becoming the ultimate surveillance device, a stealth case is needed. Stealth case is a phone case which is designed to block cameras and microphones so that a third party is unable to invade your privacy. With this case, any third party is unable to get access to any of the functions of your phone ensuring security. The best thing about this case is that it doesn’t use any electronic features or components and it cannot be hacked.

Since your smartphones are with you throughout the day, you may have sensitive information around you as well which you cannot compromise in any case. To keep your privacy in your hands, the stealth case blocks the cameras and microphones. Some people use tape to cover the cameras but it can be damaging to the camera.

Stealth Case

Following are the features of the Stealth Case:   

a)Choose when you need protection

It depends upon your personal preference to choose when you need protection. There may be times when you don’t really care about security.

b)Protection from thieves:

There might be certain corporations or third parties which may intend to invade your privacy to steal from you. Without the stealth case you are at risk all the time, but with it, you can prevent thieves and stealing.

c)Switch to protection mode:

Whenever you feel that you need protection, you can switch to the protection mode and ensure privacy.

d)No batteries:

The case is low tech, it doesn’t require batteries like many other devices that you may use on a daily basis.

Stealth Case

e)Affordable price:

Manufacturers might sell products in a high price in the name of security. However, the stealth case has an affordable price so you can invest in it to ensure privacy.

The main goal of this case is to prevent important information or conversation from being seen by other sources. There can be so many corporations or third parties who are in search of information that you might have, so keeping everything on your phone protected is highly necessary at this point in time.

A stealth case is basically constructed to physically block all the cameras and microphones on your phone. However, you can get access to the microphones or the camera whenever you need by sliding the cover, up and down. It doesn’t use any electronic components, it only uses physical components, the users can use various apps, listen to music even when the case is blocking the camera and the microphone.

Since it is lightweight and easy to use, a lot of people get it. It also comes in a variety of colors so you have many options to choose from. not only does it prevent your privacy from being invaded but it also looks good on your phone. People might fear that they have to sacrifice the functioning of their phone but this case doesn’t interfere with the functioning.

A lot of people have their medical, financial and personal data on their phone which people need to keep safe. If a third party gets access to this sensitive information, they can cause a lot of destruction. Some people might even get paranoid because of this, in this case, the stealth case comes to the rescue and provides the protection that people need.

As compared to other phone cases, the stealth case is not bulky and doesn’t require batteries which make it the most convenient phone case for protection of the sensitive data and protection of the phone itself. A former journalist and a television expert created this phone case while keeping the security of the information on a common man’s phone, in mind.

Keep the phone safe, keep your personal data safe and protect the information from being watched by a third party just by getting your hands on a stealth case. You will feel secure and the information on your phone will also be secure. Even if you have your phone with you 24/7, you don’t have to worry about the information being seen.

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