Some Ways to Locate a Mobile Phone

By GPS: This usually works on Android phones and computers that is activated by the factory and is used in these cases.

By Phonetracking, a cell phone spy app: This app gives you this excellent option. This is the most common used for parental control. With it, you can know where your children are and if they really tell the truth. For this you must install an app on your mobile and you will know everything. It is an excellent method that allows you to be a little calmer and everything remotely. Know more about this app from https://phonetracking.net.


By Google: We all know the normal power of search and tracking of this engine. Its power is also used to locate mobile devices that are associated with a mail server account of the company.

With this method you will have access to the equipment quickly and know where they are. It is usually used to locate your own mobile, since to do it with someone else’s, you will have to know your email and your password.

By IMEI: We all know what the IMEI code is, for those who do not, it is an identifier that is associated with the mobile phone which is irreplaceable. For this you must have an application that allows you to find a cell phone or computer by entering this code.

If you want to know yours, you just have to mark the following configuration: # 06 #. If you have an iPhone, within the settings, in general information you will have the information.

These methods are ideal to find if you are lost or for theft. Any option will tell you where to find it easily through a map in a visualizer. This innovative system gives you an excellent opportunity to find a mobile or at least know where it is.