Support G3C Technologies Corporation to Save the Planet

Support G3C Technologies Corporation to Save the Planet

G3C Technologies Corporation is very committed to converting hazardous waste materials into gas, oil and high-grade reprocessed carbon black. They employ a triple-green conversion technology that doesn’t pose any risk to the environment. The number 3 in their brand name represents three key environmental benefits of their technology. Their process of recycling old tires doesn’t produce any waste discharge or hazardous air pollution. All of the water used in the process is recycled properly without generating any waste water discharge.

Support G3C Technologies Corporation to Save the Planet

Unlike typical carbon black manufacturing process, the G3C process produces 80% less carbon dioxide.  They don’t use any fossil material as a feed for the process; instead, they use scrap tires to cause minimum environmental pollution. They produce their own fuel and energy for their system operations to avoid the need to use any fossil fuel that contributes to environment pollution.

The team at G3C Technologies Corporation is very dedicated to solving the world’s scrap tire problems. They convert hazardous waste tires into reprocessed carbon black, which is ideal for tire making and other high-value applications.

Here’s what they say about their services:

‘G3C Technologies have developed a unique thermolysis & refining process which converts mixed end-of-life tire feedstock into gas, oil and high grade recovered carbon black. Carbon char produced by G3C thermolysis is refined to a higher surface area and structure. Then it is enriched in carbon by lowering its ash content. The result is a recovered carbon black with higher structure and higher surface area than even the carbon blacks used in the waste tire feedstock.’’

Support G3C Technologies Corporation to Save the Planet 2

If you want to support their cause and invest in G3C Technologies Corporation, be sure to back their crowdfunding campaign launched on StartEngine platform.

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