Vibez – The One Stop Shop to Relax and Clear Your Mind

Are you tired of your busy routine? Want to de-stress your mind and body? Look no further than Vibez, a place that provides you with a one-of-a-kind soothing experience you can’t find anywhere else. It is expected to be available for public in January 2019. Initially, it will serve areas of Katy and Houston.


It’s an ideal place for those who’re on the lookout for real entertainment and relaxation. You can enjoy light exercise using vacuum technology and mediate in a salt float, leaving outside world behind. There’re a number of fun activities you can do there to achieve your fitness goals. The team at Vibes is very friendly and committed to providing you with a soothing environment to relax your mind and body. You can go there with your family, friends or alone. It’s a perfect choice for those suffering from anxiety and depression. Vibez, Taking Your Relaxation to the Next Level!

Vibez is designed with modern day requirements in mind to offer a fully relaxed atmosphere where you can do something for yourself, make new friends, relax physically and mentally. They employ the latest technology and techniques to turn your boredom into a thrilling entertainment.

Here’s what the team at Vibez says about its services:

‘’We want you to feel relaxed and welcome the moment you walk in the door. Your wellbeing is our desire. Our friendly staff is here for you, to guide you through the process. From making an appointment to experiencing your first float or infrared sauna. Your comfort is foremost on our mind. You can workout next to a friend and be able to have a conversation while the machine does the work for you.’’

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