Word Search Puzzle – A Simple and Exciting Android Game

Puzzle games offer a fantastic level of excitement and we are often get addicted to such games available on the Google Play Store. The Word Search Puzzle proved to be a wonderful source of entertainment without creating too much troubles during the entire gameplay. Unlike many other complex games, this particular app offers a lite and simple way to enhance your word intelligence. The game is great for students, office workers and professionals as well. All can enjoy its amusing gameplay during the tea break, at home or even in parks. The Word Search Puzzle is also known as word seek or word find.


How to Play

Alphabets are given on the screen in columns and rows and you need to identify words from these alphabets. Words can be diagonal, vertical, horizontal and even backwards. The tendency of scoring more depends upon one’s speed to find words from the given alphabetic screen. It is very straightforward to select words from the screen, you just need to swipe your finger tip over any given word in order to select it.

You are likely to find both correct and wrong selection of words. If you select a correct word, it will remain highlighted and appear as marked in the word list. You will be given a limited time span and you should be able to complete as many words as you can.

There are number of things that I like about the Word Search Puzzle. One thing is its brief and concise user interface that does not have any distractions. There are three options available hard, medium and easy. Limited time frame makes the gameplay even more challenging. I am in love with this great app from Potato Game studio and hoping to receive more updates in the near future.