Sudoku – Puzzle that Boosts Intelligence Level

There are plenty of interesting games on the Google Play Store and android users like me love to install new apps on mobile devices. This is because new games provide us with great entertainment. After getting bored from a number of old apps sitting in my phone for a long time, I decided to look for a new puzzle game to add some spice to my leisure. Luckily, I found Sudoku while searching for puzzle apps on Play Store.


This is a number placement puzzle totally based on logic. There is a 9×9 grid with digits and the objective is fill this grid with numbers so that each row, each column and each of nine sub-grids (3×3) include all the numbers from 1 to 9. This is very challenging as well as interesting. I found it very addictive and always look for a chance to grab my phone and start playing the game again.

In the beginning, it is definitely a bit tough to go through but I kept on trying with full dedication. There are ‘popular’ and ‘classic’ options to select from. I have spent a lot of time on both play modes and enjoyed them a lot. There are 3 difficulty levels and you can select the one you deserve to play. One great thing is the inclusion of multiple levels in each grade and this is what makes the gameplay even more addictive.

Your game will be auto-saved so that you can begin from where you left. The auto-fill feature is there to assist, but you can also disable it for a more challenging mode. I have recommended Sudoku puzzle to friends and they are enjoying this too. The app enjoys a nice 4.3 user rating on the play store and likely to increase it as more people get to know about this app. It is available for free, so you may try it now.