Guide to Buying your First Drone

Guide to Buying your First Drone

Its a great time to consider buying your first drone. Drone clubs and drone racing competitions are on the up. There is also an increasing demand for arial photography and a number of new drone professions. Drones have never been cheaper and its possible to pick up a starter drone such as the Parrot Mambo fly for around £50-60. Yes – its possible to pick up your first drone for less thank £100 and heres how to decide which is the drone for you

Guide to Buying your First Drone

Quadcopter or Octocopter?

Most people will go for a Quadcopter rather than an Octocopter for their first drone. Although Octocopters are generally stronger and more professional, they are a lot more expensive and more difficult to fly. Most cheap starter drones on the market are Quadcopters – this means that they have four propellers rather than eight (Octocopter). 

What Type of Drone?

it is important to consider what type of drone you want when you first start droning. If its just for kids you can go for a toy drone. If its for family pics, taking a look at the best selfie drone would be a good idea. 

It is unlikely that you would spend money on a professional drone straight away. If you do want to get into droning as a hobby, the main decision is whether you want to go for a good drone for arial photography or whether you want to race, in which case go for a faster racing drone. Many drones these days have apps for your smartphone and send footage to the cloud. 

Things to Remember when you fly your first Drone

Remember that when you buy a drone

– Read the manual fully before setup and use

– Stay at least 5 miles away from all airports.

  • Dont fly over at an altitude of more than 400 feet.
  • Avoid areas with lots of people and/or animals
  • Avoid flying on or near national parks and government buildings .
  • Always check first if droning is allowed in the location and country where you wish to fly. 
  • Find out whether you need to register your drone with any drone regulator or government bodies (this will vary from country to country e.g. in the USA you need to register your drone with the FAA).