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Guide to Choose WhatsApp Spying App

The Whatsapp monitoring mobile app, also recognized as mobile spy app, is also used to monitor or record all activities that occur on a user’s mobile device. Activity records can be checked through an online interface in control panel.

Whatsapp spying app enables parents to monitor their children’s smartphones, and employers may want to use that software to know the social activities of their employees at the same time as using phones in company. Learn more Whatsapp spying at

Before you choose and install a Whatsapp monitoring mobile app, you will have to do homework to investigate. Here are some important things to consider:

Choose WhatsApp Spying App

  • Compatibility

When selecting a Whatsapp monitoring app, it is significant to ensure that it can work on mobiles with any operating system such as Android, iOS and Windows. Fortunately, the Netspy can work on all cell phone OS.

First, you have to check what OS (and what version) your mobile phone has. Then, go to the App vendor’s website and check compatibility; if the mobile to monitor is in the list of compatible devices, at that time it implies that it can work for you.

  • What characteristics do you need?

If you like to spy on someone’s Whatsapp without that person knowing, an “invisible mode” is necessary. If you have to do WhatsApp hacking.

These spying tools have a lot of features that will let you effectively spy the phones. A few features need that you release or restart the monitored mobile, but there’re several features that don’t have to be released or restarted.

  • Support

Customer support is an important factor that should be considered. Nothing is worse than choosing app and then finding problems that you must solve yourself. Make sure the company has several ways to get help for support.