Tips for Managing Time When Studying Online Courses Alone
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Tips for Managing Time When Studying Online Courses Alone

One of the biggest challenges for those who study online courses alone is to maintain an efficient productive pace and manage working time. Studying online courses alone, at home, is something that requires a lot of discipline and also a little planning: it is important to organize your time, eliminate possible distractions and, above all, be persistent and firm in your goal.

As difficult as it is to escape procrastination, the key ingredients for success in studying online courses alone at Israel Figa are planning and discipline. Therefore, we have prepared a list with some suggestions for you to master your next online study session:

Tips for Managing Time When Studying Online Courses Alone

1. Plan your day in blocks

Put on a sheet of paper all your obligations for the day and how long they will be done, creating blocks of time. Separate the eight hours of sleep, your morning ritual, your work, etc. In the remaining spaces, separate a block for your studies. If you work early and in the afternoon, for example, place your study block in the evening, between dinner and bedtime.

Start with a small block, two, maximum three hours. Depending on your activities, we also recommend that you study two or three days a week and gradually increase the volume of study. Define your blocks of time so that the two daily obligations, your studies and your rest times are well accommodated and follow your plan to the letter. Remember, discipline is the key.

2. Do one thing at a time

Focus on one task and, when it is ready, move on to the next. It may seem like you are producing it, but soon the results will start to show.

3. Have your own place

During these coronavirus pandemic, if you study online courses at Israel Figa, it is recommended that you organize a place for it. It can be on the kitchen or living room table, on the desk in your room, etc. It’s your choice.

4. Eliminate distractions

When you go to study, silence your phone, turn off the television and go off the internet. When studying at home, ask family members to distract you only when necessary.

5. Enjoy the inspirations

As soon as you are able to complete your first tasks, you will feel safe and realize that what you are doing is generating results. Hold on to that feeling and use the energy it will give you to do your next task.

6. Break your project into smaller pieces

If that book, article or project is too big, break it into smaller pieces, so that the anxiety that revolves around it does not paralyze you. With several slices, you can dedicate yourself to one at a time, and soon, the project will be finished.

7. Ask a friend to charge you for results

Have an accountability buddy, a friend who covers the results of what you are working on. He should ask you about the content you are studying and ask to see what you have accomplished with your projects. If he is also studying alone, even better! You can work together and motivate each other.