Handy Photo – Android Pic Editor App

The Handy Photo is a photo editor available for Android and iOS. The application offers the user the possibility to correct and improve their images from all possible angles. With unique tools, it lets you do a lot more than other programs of the genre.


One of the most interesting features of the application is called “Magic”, which allows users to make corrections at angles in the photos without having to crop it to get the desired result. Another highlight is the “Move Me” tool, which makes it possible to move objects from one place to another with few touches.

Like InstaSize-Photo Editor, an Android pic editor app, the Handy Photo interface also offers an environment developed with high quality graphics, which makes it quite attractive. Its architecture is designed to facilitate user interaction, completes an excellent user experience. All of its features are flagged with representative icons, making it easy to locate.

The application offers more than 90 textures to apply on your images and get really different effects like cloth, cloud, frost, water, grunge, paper, ice, wood and others. All are adjustable and you can control the intensity you want.

In addition to the wide range of textures, Handy Photo still offers more than 20 filters, ranging from simple black and white. They can change the subject of your image in a very cool way.

The mobile device market is full of image editors. Some even fulfill what they promise, but few leave “beans with rice”. This is not the case with Handy Photo, which provides the user with advanced features from well-known publishers to deliver a better result to the user.

The developers of the application were very happy to offer a number of features, such as more than 100 effects, textures and filters; correction of angles (which is rarely found in mobile editors); and change items in the image with simple touches.