Monitor the Location of Your Child and Receive Alerts on Mobile

Violence, robberies, drugs, bad friendships, kidnappings among other evils that our society lives today are some of the reasons why a father wants to know where his son is.


As children become teenagers and come and go on their own, parents’ concerns about their children’s safety increase. To give parents some peace of mind, some applications were created to become the digital eyes of the family, accompanying children wherever they are. This is possible thanks to the GPS systems available on smartphones and that send alerts of the location of the numbers registered to those who are doing their monitoring. Many of these platforms have warning systems for emergencies, allow messages to be sent between participants, show the battery charge level of other cell phones, and for those with children who are old enough to drive, some of them show up to speed.

Thinking about this problem, the Very Individual Protection VIP has a monitoring service that can be activated by the parent or guardian of the student. This app tells you in real time where your child is walking or even if he is cutting his way to or from school. Make Personal Securities VIP App part of your life and never walk alone again.


This Application will not only provide you with this peace of mind, it will also help in school administration, provide various tools for the teacher, and other benefits for you parent who has a child enrolled in a school.

The founders’ proposal for this app is to offer a service that can send alerts to parents, even when their kids are driving far away. In addition, using a map, this application shows where in the city the children are. Parents can also receive alerts that indicate when the child is leaving or arriving at a place configured as safe and sends a warning that they need to be sought.