Wave Live Wallpapers Wavesomeness

Personalize Your Smartphone’s Aesthetic with Wave Live Wallpapers

Having a hard time finding the best wallpaper app for your android device? No fuss, look no further than Wave Live Wallpapers, the most reputed app you can download for Live Wallpapers, 3D Wallpapers, and even a  Live Wallpaper Maker. What makes us trust this cool backgrounds app more than others is that it has over 10 million active users. Most of them agree that animated 3D Wallpapers go a long way toward adding a real depth feel to your mobile devices. 

Wave Live Wallpapers Wavesomeness

Wave Live Wallpapers has an impressive range of 3D live wallpapers and other types of live backgrounds. The app is easy to use, meaning anyone, even with low tech know-how can easily design their own custom backgrounds, like a 3D wallpaper using the app’s Live Wallpaper Maker. If you’re not the artist type to create your wallpaper, you can check the designer-created HD wallpapers to add a cool style to your Android phone. Users always have access to a huge collection of artwork designed with different backgrounds, including trending 3D wallpapers.

You will find a wide collection of HD live wallpapers categorized into the following types: Parallax 2D Wallpapers, Parallax 3D Wallpapers, Video Wallpapers, and Live 3D Interactive Wallpapers. All free wallpapers you see on the app meet all the requirements for a premium 3D live wallpaper app. Parallax 2D creates animated backgrounds based on a 2-layer depth play, while Parallax 3D employs up to four graphic layers to create a three-dimensional wallpaper. It’s impressive how the 3D interactive live backgrounds react to your fingers. Video wallpapers are based on stunning video footage and the best part is that many smartphones compatible with live wallpapers support this type of animated background without any problems. Oh, and you can use your videos also with the in-app wallpaper maker.

Getting started with the Wave Live Wallpapers app is super easy. All you need is to open the app and select a background for your lock screen and home screen. Users can also design their own 3D wallpaper matching their style and taste using the app’s Live Wallpaper Maker. The app is available FREE on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.