See What the Top 6 Logistics Costs of an Industry Are
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See What the Top 6 Logistics Costs of an Industry Are

Increasing process efficiency and enhancing supply chain activities are essential strategies for the company to send parcels overseas low price (ส่ง พัสดุ ไป ต่าง ประเทศ ราคา ถูก, which is the term in Thai) and become more competitive in the marketplace.

However, in order to foster revenues and deadlines, corporations need to know their logistical costs in detail and seek ways to cut costs.

See What the Top 6 Logistics Costs of an Industry Are

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  • Stocking and storage

The inventory cost stems from the quantity of goods the company houses and the time it will take for these products to be stored. Thus, the larger the space and more time to store merchandise implies the greater the expense.

  • Packing

It becomes necessary to use specific transport, according to the nature of the merchandise.

Therefore, the packaging will be invested according to the fragility and the dangerousness of the product, because the organization must ensure its merchandise during the course.

  • Technology

In order to improve the efficiency of logistics procedures, companies are investing in technology. Thus, logistics costs include the installation and acquisition of equipment and systems that can contribute to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve processes.

  • Transportation and freight

The cost of transportation is one of the most effective in companies. In addition to the expenses with the acquisition of vehicles, fuel, maintenance, depreciation and idleness, the expenses may be greater due to the low quality roads.

  • Taxes

Well organized and analyzed financial planning and knowledge of your rights and duties under the law are indispensable to an organization. That way, you can avoid fines, know the tax exemptions.

  • Human cost

Labor costs, too, are included in logistics costs. In this way, the proceeds of the fleet managers and the other employees of the team must be conceived. Spend on training courses for employees to improve services.