What is the Technological Equipment of Spirit and Ghost Hunters

What is the Technological Equipment of Spirit and Ghost Hunters?

The ghost hunting is very interesting job, mainly seen in movies. But now, it is actually performed. To record their findings, hunters carry a hi-tech arsenal. Check out SpiritShack Key technology for ghost hunting.

What is the Technological Equipment of Spirit and Ghost Hunters

1) LED luminaire

2) Radio communicators

3) Infrared lighting

It attempts to capture movements or manifestations at the extremity beyond the visible light spectrum.

4) Thermal pad

It is sensitive to the touch, it gets lighter spots if touched by something with a temperature above 30o C, or darker if it is below 13o C.

5) Gauss Master

It is an electromagnetic field meter. Variations in the indices indicate the presence of strange spirits or energies.

6) Night vision camera

Equipped with a motion sensor, it is usually fixed in environments where there have already been incidents. If something happens again, it is recorded even if no one is on site.

7) Mobile night vision camera

8) Tri Field Natural EM Meter

It is also an electromagnetic meter, but, as the name implies, it also separately evaluates magnetic fields, radio waves and microwaves.

9) Parabolic microphone

Captures sounds up to 100 m away. Connected to a digital recorder, it can record vocalizations called EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon).

10) Thermometer with spotlight

It allows you to measure the heat of objects at a distance, without touching it. The manifestation of ghosts usually causes unexplained drops in temperature.

11) Thermometer with sensor

It can measure the temperature up to 30 cm away. Useful for detecting the approach of something supernatural.

12) Flashlights

A strengthening beyond

Spirits can request items of a mystical nature. According to paranormal experts, spirits may also require objects with which they have some connection or which were used by their religion when they were alive. Therefore, the pairs also usually carry:

– Cemetery land

– Candles

– Holy water

– Coarse salt

– Perfumes

– Mirror