Three Ways to Earn Cash Online with Simple to Long Term Projects

We’re going to introduce three ways to make money online, including starting a website, testing websites and/or apps, and completing simple tasks.


Start your own website.

You should start your own website. More specifically, you’re starting a blog. The end goal with this method is to monetize your blog with affiliate marketing.

Essentially a blog is a website. First you need to get a platform to host your blog. Some people’s opinions are when you start you can simply use a free blogging platform such as Google’s Blogger or Unfortunately, this approach is outdated. When other people or your potential customers see your blog is on a free platform, you won’t be treated seriously.

Godaddy, Bluehost, Siteground or Hostgator are all web hosting services that let you register your blog’s domain name and host your blog. These hosting services also make it simple and quick for you to self install a website builder such as WordPress on your blog. This will get started. The rest is you can start writing blog posts and get people to visit your blog.

Then you should sign up some affiliate programs including Amazon Associates, ShareASale, Rakuten Affiliate Network, Affiliate By Conversant (CJ), Clickbank, JVZoo, etc. They are the programs with affiliate offers or products that you can sell online and get paid.

Test websites or apps.

Again, this is another easy method to earn cash online.

If you enjoy spending much time using a computer web browser, or exploring some new and unknown apps on your mobile phone, you may consider the following:

Usertesting: You are given a few tasks to review some specific websites. For each website that you have completed the review, usually you will get paid from a few dollars to $10.

Complete simple but specific tasks.

The third way is to complete small but specific tasks.

On Mturk there are plenty clients or business owners who would post jobs. Most of the jobs are actualy short term tasks but they could be specific. By completing the tasks exactly as the clients have specified, you will get paid.

Some examples of the tasks can be:

Go to a search engine i.e. Google, Yahoo or Bing. Perform a specific keyword search and record some information from the search results.

Go to a specific web page URL that has a web form. Fill the web form with information.

Go to some online stores. Perform some keyword searches and find specific products. Record some information about the products.