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Tips and Tricks

Communication and Collaboration is a Key in Science and Research

Research planet is a kind of one-stop shop where researchers and scientists can make their communication better and faster. The basic purpose of this app is to resolve two major challenges in the research and development industry. It enables and helps researchers and scientists to communicate and collaborate with ease. This platform will help in organizing different projects, connecting with colleagues and professors.

What are the two major challenges?

  • To minimize the communication barrier
  • To minimize the cost for research

Why this app is designed?

In order to reduce the cost of research and to promote better communication between researchers. The purpose is simple and clear to create everything and to bring everyone under one roof of Research planet. After using our decades of business expertise we made continual improvements, bring innovative ideas and customized service to provide unique solutions to objectives of researchers and scientists.

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What are the benefits of Research Planet?

There are lots of benefits that can be achieved with the use of this app. Which are listed below:

  • It saves time
  • Helps to reduce research repetition or mistakes
  • Increases communication
  • It provides with the sense of community
  • It helps in to save money from travel costs or through mistakes
  • Transforms the future of researches and scientists to communicate efficiently and decrease time to market
  • It provides ease of access to specific research information

Products of research planet

Products of this app are given below:

Researchers Media

Users of this app have access to the principal web portal, which will allow them to post Research and development work, videos and research bulletin boards.

Researchers catalog

The user shared their assets from scientific ideas and experiences. More importantly, we will make available research planet catalog for the researchers.



This personal information will facilitate connections between professional colleagues.


This will allow users to organize, preserve and share research.

Manage research groups

It is a collaboration tool that will help to organize your research work into boards.


Users can establish a wide range of networks and communities. Which are interested in collective scientific knowledge.

Live question/answer session

All users will have the facility to address research questions and answers.

Article Hub

Users have now ease to share, maintain, and establish the unpublished research, scientific data, and codes.

Problem is

Researchers have one thing in common they continue to repeat mistakes. Because they don’t have sufficient data and they have a communication gap between members. Scientists and researchers get frustrated when they don’t have accurate data on their fingertips. Research planet is designed in such a way to reduce communication barrier and enhance collaboration between team members.

Research planet is a great choice for

  • All skill levels
  • Finding Niche research
  • Finding individuals to collaborate with
  • Sparking innovative ideas
  • Accessing real-time data
  • Accessing the full library of past academic research

Research planet is a platform that brings researchers and sientists together to collaborate with each other and save time and efforts.

Research Planet is ideally designed for

  • Scientists
  • Researchers
  • Academic community
  • Students
  • Professors
  • Grant writers and seekers
  • Medical researchers and doctors
  • Engineers
  • Laboratory staff
  • Software developers

Although the technology is advanced but the technology for communication between the researchers is stand still. Research planet wants to change it. We are the first to create a community like this at scale. So it is highly recommended for both scientists and researchers to use this to save time and efforts.