The Bench Built Wallet – Classy, Minimal, and Unique!

Everyone carries a wallet, but finding one that’s right for you can be hard. It may be too thick, too small, or just not have enough space overall. Wallets are crucial in storing your cards, money, and anything else you can fit in there, so you should have one that can easily fit your needs.

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Introducing Bench Built Wallet, an all new wallet like no other on the market. The collection of beautifully crafted leather wallets is guaranteed to go great with anything that you own, whether you carry it in a purse or on yourself. The neutral colors and exotic ones are a perfect fit for anyone, all you need to do is decide which you like best.

If you’re looking for a luxury wallet at an affordable price that isn’t in the hundreds, the Bench Built Wallet is the right choice for you. You’re sure to love the sleek look and feel of the leather, no matter the design that you choose.

The design of the wallet isn’t the only amazing part to the Bench Built Wallet. What makes it even better is the actual functionality of it. Typically, slimmer wallets are only able to hold just a couple of cards and barely any money, if any at all. The clip can he big and bulky, taking up too much space and making it uncomfortable to fit into your pants pocket if that’s how you prefer carrying it. Thankfully, this isn’t the issue with the Bench Built Wallet.

This wallet can hold up to ten cards and fifteen bills all at once while still staying slim and not getting bulky. It won’t feel like your cards and money are jammed in either, it’ll actually be rather snug and a comfortable fit. Most wallets require you to force your cards and money into it, making the whole wallet rather useless when you’re struggling to get your cards out.

Cash is secured with a sleek wooden clip that stays on via magnet. The magnet is strong a reliable, ensuring that money won’t slip out and the magnet won’t come undone unintentionally. Due to the magnet being so close to your cards, some of you might be worried. There’s no need to be worried though, because the wallet is RFID protected meaning that the magnets won’t affect your cards at all. They’re completely safe!

Another great thing about the Bench Built Wallet is that each wallet is handcrafted and hand stitched. The quality is stunning, and the wallet even comes with a lifetime warranty to ensure that you get the most out of your purchase.

If you find yourself interested in getting a Bench Built Wallet for either yourself or someone else, now is the perfect time. You can visit the Kickstarter page here and back the project to receive your own wallet as soon as July of this year. Not only that, but you’ll also be getting a much better deal than you would if you purchased it after the campaign is over.p1