Modular Enclosures

What are Modular Enclosures? Everything You Need to Know

Modular enclosures are designed to protect electrical equipment in telecommunications, local area networking, and industrial applications. They are designed to withstand hard environmental conditions and advanced loads of industrial applications. They are easy to use and quicker to populate. 

Modular Enclosures

The following are the key advantages of Modular Enclosures:

Infinite Configurations

Modular enclosures come with built-in holes that are placed using standardized measurement units, meaning your most common fixtures can easily be added to the interior without welding or drilling. Moreover, multiple modular structures can be joined and placed together to offer infinite configurations.

Safer and Faster Installation and Mounting

The design of the modular enclosure allows the inclusion of rails to make it easier to slide panels into any side, whether it is a front, rear, or side enclosure opening.  This increases safety and saves time. Moreover, the modular enclosure construction allows for a wider opening and a larger mounting panel for smoother and easier mounting. In short, it is faster and easier to load electrical stuff in a modular enclosure, saving you both time and money.

Easy Assembly

The facility to rearrange cabinet and its gear as necessary offers long-term benefits. With a modular enclosure, the integrator, designer, and end-user has the full freedom to make the assembly as complex or basic as they wish. Furthermore, a modular enclosure will facilitate more door options for smoother and easier access.

Built to Last

Although modular enclosure walls are thinner than old unibody enclosures, this doesn’t mean that cabinet is fragile or loses any of its protective or strength qualities. The load exerted on the modular enclosure is shifted from its walls to the vertical frame to make sure you don’t lose weight functionality.

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