Advantages Of Using Busbar Enclosure For Assembly Electric Panel

Before starting the electrical panel assembly, it is essential to define the reasons for using the panel, its specifications, its size (dimensions), the type of material used. The most used materials in its preparation are steel and polycarbonate sheets, but they can also be found in aluminum, stainless steel and plastic, depending on the needs of each company.


It is also important to prepare a layout showing the components and equipment that will be installed in the electrical panel assembly to verify any possible improvements. Regarding the most common parts and equipment in electrical panel assembly, the following stand out: PLCs, meters, HMIs and protection frames.

Another factor that influences the moment of electrical panel assembly is the selectivity of the power channel to keep the panel functioning in cases of electrical failures or lack of energy. In addition, it is very important to adapt the air conditioning of the industrial environment in which the electrical panel will be assembled, so that its temperature and humidity conditions are maintained at the standards required by the manufacturer, optimizing the useful life of the PLC.

Advantages of using busbar enclosure for assembly electric panel

Among the advantages of busbar enclosure that can be listed regarding electrical panel assembly, we can mention the protection and allocation of electrical components, which increases the useful life of these components. Another point that deserves to be highlighted is the quality of materials used for its assembly.

In addition, the fact that the assembly electrical panel has the advantage of being able to concentrate the entire automation system in a single place, generating an excellent cost-benefit ratio for the company and increasing its productivity, is also noteworthy.

As the carbon steel case corrodes over time, the steel can eventually allow liquids or foreign bodies to penetrate its interior. The Stainless Steel Boxes have a 10-year warranty, including against physical accidents against the box.