Theory of Everything


Theory of everything is made possible by the discovery of a “closed fluid dynamic principle” working in a closed fluid space-time system (universe). Through the principle of fluid space-time, almost all the unexplained mysteries of the universe are revealed I.e. How the universe came into being with matter and the most basic force “Gravity”? And why gravity increases and decreases going towards and away from bodies? How force took birth? What makes inertia occur? Since when and how the three basic laws of motion work? And why they work that way? What unifies quantum mechanics (especially gravity) and general theory of relativity? And what modification is needed in the third law of motion?


Consider someone standing in a room that is completely filled with water, with no little empty space in it. He can only move ahead by pushing water, which as a result takes his emptied position from behind. Otherwise he can’t move. This is a “closed fluid dynamic principle” working in fluid space-time. The time he moves, he strikes with fluid space and anything that comes in between gets stuck ( This is like an open paper kept on hand and is moved in the water). That’s “Gravity”. And “Force” is because of the push and pull occurred between him and fluid space. They take each other place to adjust and make the movement possible.


Wherever there is emptiness, there is fluid space either near massive bodies (planets, stars, etc.) or up in the deep space. Everything in the universe moves due to the push and pull made possible by the fluid space in a closed system. This push and pull (interaction) takes place at atomic level.

A big change of state

This theory can explain the universe and its basic ingredients in a possible way ever. All of this starts from the existence of closed space-time (not sure what made them exist). Then due to something some of the space (potential energy) turned into matter (e=mc2). The matter had less density with respect to space. Due to no up and down of the universe, the matter kept roaming in it (like a football in an ocean with no up and down). This change made the space active.

The reason for the existence of the mass (inertia) of matter is possible because matter is another state in the vast universe of fluid space-time. I.e. consider feeling the presence of water in your palm being at the bottom of deep pool; you can’t feel, but out of water you can feel the presence of that water.

This is the very point in the universe where force, Kinetic energy, movement, matter (inertia), and all the laws of motion took birth.

Different states of fluid space give birth to energies like K.E, P.E, etc. If space is static, that’s P.E, and if a body makes space dynamic , that’s where K.E takes place.

So, “kinetic energy is the movement of fluid space due to matter’s interaction with it. “

Or “It is the movement due to force and/or force due to movement.”

The prime force, responsible for all other forces, is the disturbance (dynamic state) of fluid space-time owing to the “closed fluid dynamic principle”

Fluid space v/s third law of motion

Newton states that,

“Every action has a reaction equal in magnitude and opposite in direction.” F (action) = −𝐹 (𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑐𝑡𝑖𝑜𝑛)

But fluid property of space refers some addition to the third law of motion in order to well explain all Newton’s laws of motion

Reaction is opposite in direction only when action is performed on a stationary body.

On the other hand when body is receiving force (action) and starts moving,

“The reaction is in the direction of action”

𝐹 (𝑎𝑐𝑡𝑖𝑜𝑛) = 𝐹 (𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑐𝑡𝑖𝑜𝑛)

That is why the body in space moves forever when moved.

Remind yourself the room filled with water and remind motion occurrence due to fluid space adjustment.

This answers all the following

  • A body in space when pushed moves forever because of the reaction in the direction of action.
  • It is also a reason for inertia to take place. The lower part of your body on a strike with stone stops because it is no longer able to move space and upper body part keeps moving owing to the movement of space.
  • The reason for a body to move fast is because of the fast or quick interaction between the body and space. Space readjusts itself faster from behind resulting in the quick motion of the body

Gravity/Force of attraction

Gravity, as above mentioned, takes place due to the collision of matter (consider Earth) with fluid space during movement and anything that comes in between them gets stuck as long as the matter keeps moving in space. This is how gravity on earth and other bodies is.

Why is Gravity maximum at Earth’s crust and why does it weaken on either going upward or down towards crust?

Let’s consider that somewhere up around planet Earth is a layer like Ozone separating inner fluid space (near Earth) from outer fluid space, Earth in the middle of the round circle of layer. Now, trapped space along with the layer is pressurized by the outer space while it revolves around sun (as it strikes with space). This strike exerts pressure on each part of the planet.

Thus, the pressure of outer space along with the mass of trapped space keeps bodies stuck or attracted to Earth’s crust. If mass of revolving planet increases, the more forcefully the trapped space along with layer exerts pressure on outer space. Hence, the inner trapped space gets more pressurized and compressed. This is why

  • Force of attraction is maximum on Earth’s crust because of the force (pressure) directed to Earth’s crust.
  • Bodies of different masses hit, when fallen, the planet’s surface at the same time because of the same pressure or force from above on each kilogram.
  • Force of attraction on moving up decreases owing to the pressure and mass of the blocked fluid space left behind (pressure less and mass more). And on going downward, it decreases because of its lack of contact with space and its pressure.

Following figure makes it clear


To observe gravity on each part of Earth, earth has to revolve and spin fast so each part of Earth strike equally with outer fluid space.

Einstein’s explanation of Gravity is no different than mine. His gravity is body accelerating upward. Which, in other words, is a strike of bodies with space when moving in the universe. The heavier the body is, forcefully it strikes with space. More powerful is the matter held in between.

It can be understood from my video link (It is fluid space not dark matter)

Pressure produced on a body is due to the strike of mass with space

P ∝ m

Body when moving in revolution so its direction is all time changing and also changes when closer to massive bodies momentum is high and near lighter bodies momentum is low

So    P ∝a P ∝ma

As    ma = ∆p/∆t

Ma = (mvf –mvi)/∆t


P ∝ 1/r2

Combine all P = ma/r2 let x=1

P = ma/r2

This also clears us that anybody (planet, etc.) moving straight would feel gravity in one dimension i.e. from the front and from behind. This is because the front portion directly strikes with space and at the same time the moved space from the front takes the emptied position (while the body is moving) from behind, exerting force from behind as well, as a reaction. To observe gravity on all directions like Planet Earth does, the body has to spin and revolve to make the space strike all sides of the body equally.

Gravity that controls the universe is the same as mentioned above; it’s the universe itself striking with space (like planet Earth) in a multiuniverse. And all the matter being on their position is not due to dark matter but the pressure felt due to the strike equally from all sides. Fluid space around matter in the universe keeps each object on its place by exerting equal forces from all sides. ( detail is in my other theory “ gravity of the universe”)


By considering Fluid space as a big role player, we may add some changes to the following.

  • Complete third law of motion would be “Every action on stationary bodies has a reaction equal in magnitude and opposite in direction, but same in direction for a body that starts moving, or is already in motion ”
  • The prime force, responsible for all other forces, is the disturbance (dynamic state) of fluid space owing to the “closed fluid dynamic principle”
  • The only reason for the force of attraction is a strike of matter with space and weakening and strengthening is due to the pressure and mass of space left by a body moving upward or towards crust.
  • According to this paper, time can be reduced by keeping the space contact away from bodies…
  • The mother of all the forces is F = -F and F = F and due to these two all the other forces of universe take place and can also be called God equations. And they are possible just because of Fluid space.
  • Different energies (K.E, P.E …) are actually a result of different states of fluid space. If fluid space is static, it’s the P.E and if dynamic ( or in motion) that’s K.E.
  • Light (Photons) are on extreme speed because it doesn’t strike with fluid space; it rather falls.

The Auther is “Muhammad Aslam Musakhail”