Time dilation with speed and gravity

Time dilation

Consider eating an apple while sitting than when on a run. Running slows down process of eating an apple. So is the case with atoms. All the subatomic particles of an atom do their work peacefully when in so called static fluid space ( in less ‘g’ or in open space). when an atom is moved faster and faster, its subatomic particles have to carry out its work/function/process via movement through strike with fluid space and also strike forcefully with fluid space at the same time. In this way, the work of the subatomic particles slows down as it can’t bear two strikes at the same time ( ‘The busy fluid principle). work of subatomic particles either relatively statationary or moving, slows down because of dealing with two strikes at once. In other words, the speed compresses/pressurizes the fluid space that has to interract ( push and pull) with the moving atom or body. Movement is must to face time dilation.Also fast speed increases its strike with fluid space leading to its mass increase. Time in case of two observers is relative because only the one moving strikes with fluid space, making the work/movement of its atoms slow. and he can’t observe the time dilation because the work of atoms slows down the complete system of his body.

Same is the case with high gravity ( as ‘g’ is an output of matter’s strike with fluid space). High gravity makes time dilation occur because of the high pressure/compression of fluid space created around that massive body. High “g” is responsible for congestion of blocked fluid space which makes it hard for the atoms of anybody near its gravitational field to work/process normally. Detail is in ‘closed fluid dynamic principle. but all of this never make you see dinasaurs roaming on planet Earth from light years away.

Both High speed and high ‘g’ compresses and congests fluid space which slows down the work of atoms of a body.


Time dilation on anybody can occur a little even if it just spins on its axis. Atoms are almost completly filled with fluid space thus their spinning leads to strike with the fluid space inside. However, spinning of a fan or star-shaped body makes direct contact with fluid space and leading to time dilation faster, espically at the edges.

Electrons face more time dilation than other relatively static subatomic particles in it. Heart in human body must also remain young and fresh than other organs.

For time dilation to occur on fast moving ship and inside objects incluiding crew, they must be attached/touch to that moving vechicle. in other words, they must be part of strke with fluid space.

High speed increases mass and ‘g’ because of hard strike between fluid space and the object, so does an increase in time dilation takes place.

Movement of a body with light’s pace

let’s suppose a body is moving at light’s pace. In such case, work of its atoms stops and leads to a complete stopage of time. This seems an unstable condition for its atoms and it is highly possible that here matter rechanges its state to fluid space (e =mc2). As per ‘Big change of state theory, matter is itself made of fluid space by going through a big change of state. It seems that some portion of fluid space ran out of its work or expired. Another possibility is that the revolution of our universe (bubble) around another massive bubble, both of which in a vast bubble, faced high strikes with outer fluid space and changed its state. May be fluid space expired and changed its state into matter of today. In short, e=mc2 is possible because both fluid space and matter are made of same stuff but different states.

Gravity v/s Time dilation

Same is the case with high gravity( as ‘g’ is due to the pressure/force created between the strike of matter and fluid space, F = F). A body on any massive planet is under pressure of compressed blocked-fluid space. This compressed fluid space again shrinks atoms and makes it hard for atoms to do their job peacefully.

I.e. one can’t run inside water or at the bottom of a deep pool than the one on Earth’s crust.

The work of an atom/body is most peaceful in space provided he is static relative to Earth or other bodies near by.

The case of black holes is not different ;matter near it either speeds up or face compressed fluid space leading to time dilation. Inside black holes time stops completly not because of the compressed fluid space rather because of the absence of fluid space.

Birth of Time

Space and Time are not intertwined rather matter and fluid space are intertwined. Time and gravity took birth the moment matter took birth via “Big change of state” becuase if there is no matter, what observes time. In other words, no time existance in absence of matter’s motion in fluid space. Time is the moments of motion of subatomic particles  of a body spent in fluid space. One may say ‘ Time is collision of matter with fluid space’. so no space-time rather matter’s moments of motion in fluid space.

Stephen Hawking and other scientists deny the existance of God because to them where did God exist before big bang. It was not big bang rather ” A big change of state“. Some fluid space changed its state into matter and due to less density matter moved. Here is where time starts happening. So God did exist in space and was and is out of time and space bound.

The faster body moves through space, the slower it moves through time’. This is due to the slow work/process/movement of subatomic particles of each atom of that body because of forcefull strike with fluid space.

Time is always maximum in open fluid space even with the change in ‘gravitational constant or ‘gravity of our universethroughout the bubble.

If matter is taken out of fluid space, no time and gravity and if fluid space is taken out of bubble, no universe at all. In former case, gravitational waves would still be there due to our bubble’s strike with outer fluid space in its revolution around another massive bubble.

Time is matter’s movement through fluid space via strike with fluid space and gravity is the output of that strike.

Difference between no space-time existance in black holes and big bang

Scientists compare the space-time in black holes with the birth of space-time via big bang. Black holes’ case is different. Time inexistance in black holes is not because of mere absence of space but because of matter’s absence due to mere absence of fluid space.

If there were fluid space in young and lighter black holes and if matter could move inside it, time would be extremly slow because of the high ‘g due to high congestion of fluid space because of forcefull strike.

And near black holes the fluid space is so congested due to high ‘g( which is because of it’s strike with fluid space) that slows down work/movement of subatomic particles of the matter for observation.

Black holes may work like vantilators/windows taking out the exaustion(old or expired stuff) and changing it into something new or new fresh fluid space( e = mc2). The density of our bubble remains the same provided black holes don’t take the energy and sends it to other bubbles. This will also adujusts the energy inside as bubbles of less mass will have less forceful strike with outer fluid space; so the total energy and density would remain the same with the uniform change, which will just bring some variation in ‘gravitational constant throughout our bubble bringing slightest difference in light’s speed throughout our bubble. Gravitational constant or ‘gravity of our bubbleis again due to strike of our bubble with fluid space of outer bubble while the revolution of our bubble. Fluid space could be antimatter that just opposes matter in our bubble, never absorbing each other ( provided movement is not with light’s speed).

Black holes’ gravity is so intense because their atoms are squized/shrinked so intensly because of high pressure due to forceful strike. They have very less fluid space left in it even inside the matter black hole is made of .

Galaxies in our bubble are in synchronized motion with each other because of the “gravity of our bubble” or ” gravitational constant” created by our bubble’s strike with the outer fluid space. I.e. two massive objects before collision foreplay with eachother because they get close to eachother by adjusting the pressure of fluid space taking care of ” gravity of our universe”. As objects are in sync, so they have to adjust fluid space in the background and brings changes in the places of the other objects too, balancing.

With the change of “gravity of our universe/bubble“, the ‘gravity’ of each and every body, in the bubble, changes very little becuase this change is throughout the bubble and acclalerates bodies towards the edge of the bubble by increasing their strike with fluid space. This disputes the “First law of thermodynamics” within the boundry of our bubble. Yeap! this law could be correct for the complete universal seven-bubbles system.However, the induction and expulsion of energy disscussed above takes place for all the objects equally in the bubble and equally and uniformly changes forms/motions.In other words, the induced or expulsed energy has effect on everything and energy is equally distributed.

Energy never goes off and changes its forms. ‘Perpetual motion machine works the way Newton’s expected by his ” Newton’s cradle“, which is possible due to “Closed fluid dynamic principle” because of F = F. Here, again “First law of thermodyanamics” is smoothly and properly obeyed by “closed fluid dynamic principle”.On large scale, each bubble is a ‘perpetual motion machine’ on equal strikes with fluid space even with the equal change in strikes.

Quantam entanglement is the synchrinazation between two entities/things because of the connection created by the “gravity of our bubble” due to the fluid space. They install eachother same faces/movements and then keep repeating the same because of fluid space flowing-adjustments in the background.

Fluid space conversion into matter and matter into fluid space

Change of state of matter into fluid space and fluid space into matter occurs because of the effect occured due to relative time/ variation of time occuring between all dynamic subatomic particles ( electrons,etc) and relatively static subatomic particles (protons,neutrons,etc) . No matter either a body is static or dynamic there is always time variation between dynamic subatomic particles and relatively static subatomic particles. Static subatomic particles help ‘change of state by running out of fuel. Static subatomic particles helps the change of state of matter. Means the clock of static particles ticks faster than that of electrons. time dilation on electron takes place even if atom is relatively stationary. This is the weak point where static doesn’t sync with dynamic. when body’s speed reaches light’s speed, its electrons’ life are not in sync with the static subatomic particles so takes place the switching into energy.

And this insynchronization and change of signs is what makes the hide and seek occur between dynamic subatomic particles ( electrons,etc.) and static subatomic particles ( protons,neutrons,etc). and this instability is what makes the movement between them occur, leading to the existance of atoms and matter in the universe.

The insynchrinization of time between dynamic and static subatomic particles let matter of any state to change different partial or impartial states and doesn’t let the matter remain in the same state forever. And also never gets destroyed because of the left fuel/time of electrons.

The fluid space itself do the work of antimatter, opposing matter all the by playing hide and seek

Author: Muhammad Aslam Musakhail