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5 Factors Driving the Cloud Computing Growth

Cloud computing is moving from an option to a necessity. However, many people wonder what is the cause of this shift, and what are the cloud computing key drivers. Here are the 5 factors driving the growth in cloud computing.



Does cloud computing help you save costs? The answer is: it depends. It depends on many factors like the size of your company, the growth in your company’s information technology (IT) needs, and the rapid shifts in technology. In some cases, you save the cost while in others you save the hassle and increase the productivity. In many cases, however, you simply convert your capital expenditures into operational expenditures.


Mobility is often the primary driver in choosing cloud computing solutions. People can access cloud application from virtually anywhere. All they need is a device with a modern browser. Today, many inexpensive devices are capable of running cloud application – thanks to the increasing power of the mobile devices.


Cloud computing has additional benefits of collaboration. Most cloud computing applications let many users work on the same task at the same time. Cloud applications are helping people create virtual working environments no matter where they are.

Additionally, cloud computing enables instantaneous updates. Now teams do not have to spend time waiting for the data to come. If they are using cloud computing, the can access the updated data instantaneously.

Uptime and Reliability

How many times were you unable to access Google Docs due to system maintenance or server downtime? Probably none! Cloud computing model helps people spend more time in productive tasks and less time in system maintenance and system troubleshooting.


Scalability is one of the most important drivers in the rise of cloud computing. Imagine purchasing new hardware, software, and all the configuration hassle of traditional computing model, and compare it with just plugging a device to the cloud computing.