9 Things That Make Dubai A Truly Unique Place

9 Things That Make Dubai A Truly Unique Place

Dubai is a city that never ceases to impress. Its location, its large population of expat, the rich people, its customs, and the vibrant culture make this diverse city so appealing for so many people. You can pick the luxuries of this extravagant location from a range of Port De La Mer apartments for sale if you intend to move to Dubai. If not, then as a visitor you should read the guide below that will help you in learning why Dubai is considered one of the most unique places in the world.

9 Things That Make Dubai A Truly Unique Place

  • Dubai is the host of the biggest mall in the world

Dubai Mall, actually the world’s largest shopping center and the fantasy of any shopaholic, is truly exceptional. The environment inside the mall is almost like a small group or a city, the majority of the people of Dubai come together every weekend to get up with each other. The malls host every type of shop and entertainment known to a person.

  • Dubai is the host of the tallest building in the world

Dubai also has the world’s highest building, Burj Khalifa, which can be seen lit up from everywhere in the city. You’re never going to get tired of looking at it, and the light displays and New Year’s fireworks just remind us that this city is so amazing.

  • Nearly 90% of the UAE’s population is expats, most of them living in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates, owing to an extremely vast number of expats and immigrants, differs from almost any other country in the world. Dubai is also one of the world’s most vibrant and multicultural cities, making it a genuinely special and exciting destination to travel or reside in.

  • The diverse spectrum of cultures and religions

Dubai is a completely global city with a large range of religious places, bars, language schools, and cultural activities during the year because of the high number of expats. Over the weekend, regardless of all the communities celebrating one holiday or another, something interesting will always be there for you!

  • The international food exhibition

While most major cities worldwide will have a vast range of excellent foods, the food scene in Dubai is very special because of the diversity. You won’t have any difficulty fueling your wildest food craving from the delicious food stands on the beach to the gold serving restaurants with its food from the regional Emirati food to the most varied cuisine scenes, thanks to the numbers of expats.

  • System of delivery in Dubai (and why it spoils us for the rest of our lives)

You’re always able to get anything in Dubai—from furniture, appliances, snacks, just a click away, or a phone call away. Dubai takes care of all our needs and brings us order in lieu of leaving, both because of the heat of the desert, and the culture of many people who like to travel alone.

  • The Royal Family’s involvement in society

The Royal Family in Dubai is known for its deep ties with the people of Dubai, led by His Highness Sheik Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, amid its extravagance. His Royal Highness is well-known for the current transformation of Dubai, which is now the city of Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, Dubai International Finance Centre, the Palm Islands, the Burj Al Arab Hotel, and the most well-known building Burj Khalifa.

  • The lavishness

Even if the many foreign cultures in Dubai have a comfortable atmosphere, it is still one of the world’s most extravagant towns. From the Saadiyat Island St. Regis Hotel with its $35,000 Royal Suite a night, to the lavish Burj Al- Arab Hotel usually referred to as the ‘7-star’ hotel and to a gold-induced coffee to the Lamborghini police cars in Dubai, it’s certainly an incredibly lavish experience in Dubai.

  • How rapidly the city has flourished and grown

It’s hard to believe that only a decade ago, in the remote seaside town of Dubai, there were still many pearl hunters or fishermen. Not only the extraction of oil in the area but also the creativity and the hard-working spirit of the people living here as well as the migrants who migrate to Dubai made the remarkable growth of the city possible.

If you intend to visit Dubai, the above guide would probably help you a lot. Go through District one villas for sale in Dubai if you are searching for a bigger family house to stay in if you decide to stay here permanently.