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Optimizing your Facebook Page for Maximum Likes

Facebook pages are the best way to reach your target audience through connecting with fans, advertising, gathering reviews and engaging with the customers. However, it is not that easy to get followers for your page. You can either invest a few bucks and Buy Real Facebook Likes or optimize your page to get maximum likes.

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Profile and Cover Photo

Cover photos and profile pictures are the very first things that the visitors will notice on your page, which is why you need to make sure they are visually appealing, high-resolution and align with your brand’s style. While you can use your company’s logo as profile picture, here are some creative ideas for cover photos:

  • Company tagline
  • An impactful word representing your brand
  • Popular products or list of services
  • An Inspiring quote relevant to the company
  • Icons of awards won
  • Store interior or exterior
  • Employees in action

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Page URL

When optimizing your Facebook page, you should add a custom URL that matches your brand name, as it promotes brand recognition and makes it easier for people to remember you. If you do not create a custom URL, Facebook will automatically generate a long one with some random characters. Go to the Page Info section and click on “create page @username”. A pop-up window will appear where enter the name of your brand; your Facebook page URL will be www.Facebook.com/NameoftheBrand. This customized address is much shorter, simpler and will make it easier for users find you.

About Section

The ‘About’ section is where users can know what your brand is and what you are offering. In this section, you should use relevant keywords so that the target audience can reach you. For instance, for a Pizza parlor, suitable keywords could be “Pizza”, “food”, “Italian food” etc. Here are some helpful tips to use when optimizing the ‘About’ section:

  • Do a thorough keyword research and make a list of the most relevant keywords for your brand
  • Choose one or two of these keywords that are high-traffic keywords
  • Write a brief but informative description of your business using these keywords

However, make sure to use the keywords strategically without overusing. Use them sparingly in the URL, description, page name etc. The ‘About’ section should sound natural and not repetitive.