Basic And Features Of Squarespace

Basic And Features Of Squarespace

If you are looking forward to building a website from scratch,  you must be looking for website builders! Squarespace is a widely used website builder for creating an attractive, engaging, and feature-rich website. It Is used for building websites for varied ranges such as personal writing, business, and so on. Squarespace is a beautiful website builder rich with modern features. Individuals or SMBs looking for building online reputations via websites or personal blogs are highly preferring Squarespace. It is convenient to use and offers visually stunning features. Squarespace is a great website builder that converts ideas into reality.

Basic And Features Of Squarespace

Features Of Squarespace

  • Content-Type: Squarespace allows one to add numerous things in the content such as texts, newsletter, videos, quotes, sign-ups, menu, forms, appointments, social buttons, tour dates, maps, charts, links, reservations, and much more. This ensures that the website builder can be used for building varied ranges of websites, from personal to professional.
  • Starter Layout: This feature allows you to design pages such as about us, contact, portfolio, blog, products, etc. you can effortlessly create attractive pages stuffed with necessary details. It allows one to quickly arrange page elements to give a professional touch to the website.
  • Design Tools: After adding basic features, you can customize your website close to your vision. This website builder offers easy to use and flexible layouts. You can use custom color palettes, high-defined images, different fonts, background banners, and much more.
  • Customizable Templates: While selecting the website builder we prefer the website builder that offers easy-to-use and modern templates. Squarespace is designed to fit the specific requirements of the business. The design is crafted by world-class developers who have used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This ensures great template designs that aim the website fits well in modern browsers and mobile devices.
  • Commenting System: A commenting system of Squarespace is user-friendly. Squarespace gives you the flexibility to allow comment, or disable after a certain time period, disable or enable anonymous commenter, and much more. The commenting system of Squarespace comprises bulk content management, content moderation, powerful abuse filters, community management, etc.
  • Design Panel: Squarespace has loads of features that helps you to add uniqueness to your website. It has many customizable settings, fonts, padding, colors that allows you to play with your creativity. You can add your own style and unique touch to your website with just a few clicks.
  • Passwords And Page Lock: You can protect your website by adding a password. Squarespace gives you the flexibility to add a password to your website under construction or to protect a specific collection. You can customize the access of your website as per your need. If your site is password-protected, it is not publicly accessible, your viewers need to enter a password to get access.
  • Custom CSS: Squarespace allows the implementation of custom CSS on any site. To use custom CSS, you need to know to code. This facilitates advanced level customization. CSS code is mostly used to change font and color.
  • Scheduled Posts: This feature allows you to schedule the time of publishing the post. You can write it as per your convenience, and schedule to automatically post it in engagement hour. The scheduled post or podcast will automatically publish on the set day and time.
  • Multiple Author Support: This feature allows one to publish content of different authors on the website. The Squarespace allows for adding different authors’ profiles on-site. Your visitor can easily connect with the writers.

Squarespace is an ideal website builder loaded with user-friendly features. Here, we have listed the top features of Squarespace, it has a lot more to offer. The built-in tools support bloggers as well as businesses.