BoardIT – The Best Choice for Remote Meetings, Individual Collaboration and 1-On-1 Training

BoardIT – The Best Choice For Remote Meetings, Individual Collaboration And 1-On-1 Training

On the lookout for an effective yet affordable solution for managing and bringing your remote teams together? Well, one may be overwhelmed by a number of options available out there. Finding the most reliable and cost-effective solution can be tricky, as you don’t always get what you are promised. However, this isn’t the case with BoardIT, an advanced software-only solution for next-gen remote collaboration. 

BoardIT – The Best Choice for Remote Meetings, Individual Collaboration and 1-On-1 Training

What makes BoardIT apart from the crowd is that it provides you with an in-person whiteboarding experience with the utmost efficiency and accuracy. It uses computer vision in conjunction with artificial intelligence to offer a one-of-a-kind remote meeting experience and remove the need for expensive custom hardware.

BoardIT is gaining ground among businesses and companies all over the world, thanks to its innovative and cost-effective solution.  It was founded by an Amazon Technical Program Manager in 2020 to create an advanced, cost-effective remote collaboration solution for remote workshops, mock-up interviews, remote whiteboarding, college TA sessions, virtual hackathons, coding bootcamps, after-class lectures, and brainstormings.

BoardIT free-tier app is designed in a way that it doesn’t exploit or store any information from a session being streamed. It employs a solid security system to keep potential cybersecurity threats at bay. Users can only invite authorized participants to join their room. To know more about how they handle their users’ data, you can visit their official website.

Users can keep a record of the content being streamed and save it for later viewing. The app works by identifying and digitizing the written information on a whiteboard or any other light surface in real-time. The capture information is then shared with other participants within the BoardIT app for a fully immersive viewing experience without any blurs or obstacles. The app can be used with any of the following hardware combinations: Whiteboard + Webcam + Projector, Paper + Webcam, and Whiteboard + Webcam.