How to be a Successful Mobile Notary

Notary public is a respected profession. However, being a successful mobile notary needs some effort and the right direction. A notary public must identify potential clients and work toward establishing a good relationship. Realtors, lenders, law offices, banks, healthcare providers, insurers, and private individuals are some major potential clients for a notary public. Here are some useful tips for mobile notaries to be successful in their careers.


  • Fee

Set the fee according to the time and effort it takes to travel to the client’s location. Adhere to the fee limits set by your state, and add a reasonable fee for your time and expense. While setting your fee, it is advisable to consider your competition as well. Do not charge too less or too extra as compared to your competition.

  • Quality Service

Position quality of service as your competitive advantage. Take your appointments seriously. Build a reputation and trust among your clients by taking their privacy and confidentiality very seriously.

  • Focus on Niche Market

There are many niche markets for mobile notaries. Immigration, loans, mortgages, and healthcare are a few to name. Being an expert in a niche gives you a competitive advantage. Still, you can handle general categories in addition to your chosen niche.

  • Have Errors and Omissions Insurance

This professional liability insurance protects you in the case of an error or omission. And if the court decides in your favor, the insurance can still help you in paying legal expenses. If you are bonded, make sure that your insurance covers the amount of the bond.

  • Obtain Background Check Certification

Some states require a notary public background check certification while other states do not. However, having a background check certification helps you in many ways. Some clients require you to have this certification while others might trust you more due to this certification.

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