Even if you have the feeling that it is high time to dispose of your Renault Radio device, it might not be too late after all. Are you sure you have tried every possible solution? I am positively convinced that you haven’t. Wait until you read about this one last solution, and if that doesn’t work the magic for you then you can go back to your original plans.

The solution your about to know all about in a few moments applies only to the Renault Radio devices that have been blocked. Namely, if you are not aware that the problem is in your Renault Radio code, then you might consider this easy-to-use application.


Try the Renault Radio Code Generator app right now and see for yourselves.

The tool is completely free of charge, so if nothing else you have tried works then you have absolutely nothing to lose. As I mentioned before the tool is super easy to navigate and use. It will be up to you to decide whether you will use the online version or the app version. Whichever option you chose you will be not disappointed.

The way the Renault Radio Code Generator app works is the following:

Step one> you download the Renault Radio Code Generator tool or you search for its online version.

Step two> open the tool and proceed to generating a new unlock code for your Renault Radio.

Step three> find the serial number of the Renault Radio that will not work. To complete this step you must take a look at the device itself and find the printed serial number. If you have the original packaging box it would be even better because the serial number is sure printed on the box itself somewhere so you won’t have to pull out the Renault Radio from the vehicle.

Step four> once you have the serial number make sure to type it correctly in the field provided. Other than that, you might have to find your Renault Radio model and brand from the list provided and select it from there.

Step five> provide your country, phone number and email address. Some of these fields are not obligatory but it would be nice if you filled them if that is no bother.

Step six> select the option that states GENERATE and wait for your new code to be sent to you on the email that you provided.

Step seven> turn on the Renault Radio that wasn’t working before and try out the new code you have just received on your email address. By now you should know that different c devices work on different principles when it comes to entering these codes, so if you’re not sure how to enter yours you might want to google the process.

If you carefully enter the code you received and if you have followed these instructions then the outcome would be clearly positive. Your Renault Radio will work again and you will be able to use it for many, many years to come.